Printer Problem

  Dragonsteeth 20:58 21 Aug 2007

My HP 640C Deskjet was OK yesterday but today it made a grating noise as the cartridge moved along. Then it took the edge of the paper as if to print but instead stopped. The LPT1 error message claims it isn't ready but it is. Everything checks OK and as said, it was working well yesterday. Any suggestions (beyond dumping it in the landfill) appreciated.

  DieSse 21:49 21 Aug 2007

A grating noise when the head moves can often ve due to a "dried-out"or dirty carriage rail.

The carriage rail is the round metal bar, about 1cm diameter, that the carriage runs along. It should be shiny, but often looks dirty due to contamination.

With the printer off - use a clean tissue or several to wipe the bar as clean as you can. Then put some light oil onto a tissue, and wipe the bar along with it - not too much oil - just a light wipe along it. Make sure you can wrap the tissues around the bar so that the back of it gets oiled.

Do NOT try and spray oil onto it - you'll get it everywhere and where it shouldn't be.

If you've never done it before, on such an elderly printer - it may pay to repeat the whole procedure after running the printer for a page or two.

Or then again something may simply have broken (but the oiling thing is very common, and almost always happens more in the summer as the oil dries out.

  Pineman100 18:32 22 Aug 2007

I'm sure DieSse is right, but it might just be worth checking all the various opening panels, too, to be sure that there isn't a scrap of paper jammed inside.

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