Printer problem

  ReyesKing 20:04 16 Nov 2004

I have Windows XP and have installed one Epson CX3200 printer on my area when i bought the computer. Other users cannot print, only i can. How can i set it so that all users can print? on printer settings there is a share printer option and i highlighted it but it still does not print from the other users' areas. Please help me!

  Danoh 20:11 16 Nov 2004

Looks like you want to set it up as a network printer ~ what network have you got setup? Or are you referring to other Users on the same standalone PC? Please provide more details as we'd only be guessing otherwise.

  ReyesKing 20:15 16 Nov 2004

my computer is stand-alone but there are 4 users on it, so what can i do? How do i set set it up as a network printer?

  ReyesKing 20:29 16 Nov 2004

please help i have important documents to print and now my one doesnt even work!

  Danoh 23:09 16 Nov 2004

How did you install it initially?

Would be worth uninstalling it and then reinstalling it again via Start > Control Panel > Printers & Other Hardware > view installed printers or fax printers.

Click on the printer and delete it. Then install via the Add a printer which you saw a couple of steps back.

When installed properly it should be available to all as the default printer (icon of a white tick in a black circle).

  Smegs 00:34 17 Nov 2004

Not sure on this. But try Control Panel-Printers and Faxes.

Highlight the Printer you want to share.

Right Click, Click on Properties. Another screen appears. Click the Sharing Tab.

Click the Share this printer.

  ReyesKing 18:31 17 Nov 2004

i tried that at it still didn't work any more ideas>>??? i would be extremely grateful for any help.

  ACOLYTE 18:38 17 Nov 2004

Have the other uses got admin rights? and do they have acsess to the printer when they log in ? try dragging the printer icon to the shared docs folder,may work.When you installed it did you tick the box for all users or just yourself?

  ReyesKing 18:48 17 Nov 2004

i am the sole administrator, does that affect things? it seems that when they log in they dont have access to it .when i installed it there was no option of allowing access for multiple users.

  Dorsai 19:28 17 Nov 2004

DO the other users for the PC even see that the printer is there to use?

  ReyesKing 19:37 17 Nov 2004

no they dont i dont know why!

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