Printer Prints Pages Back To Front

  Cybercrow 14:50 02 Dec 2005

My Hp photo printer has started printing pages back to front!
That is to prints (for example) page 5, then 4, then 3 etc.
I have gone into PRINTING PREFERENCES and made sure the box is ticked for printing pages FRONT TO BACK, but it still does it...?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:05 02 Dec 2005

Check in your "word" software that it is not set for revers printing.

  Cybercrow 15:10 02 Dec 2005

Silly question, but how do i find my Word software...?

  phono 15:44 02 Dec 2005

Maybe your print driver is stuck in reverse. ;^))

Now to be serious, what software are you trying to print from when this happens?

As an example, if I click on the File menu in Internet Explorer, then Print, under the general tab I then click on Preferences followed by selecting the Paper tab, there is an option to select Reverse Order printing. The printer I have is an Epson so I am not sure if your print driver will behave exactly the same.

  CHAIRLEG 22:29 02 Dec 2005

Ihave just tried my HP 1350 and in printer preferences under basics if i tick front to back i get the same as you but if i tick back to front i get pages in order 1 2 3 etc

  Stuartli 00:26 03 Dec 2005

You'll probaby find the answer under Collate.

The reason for printing the last page first is simple - they are in order when the printing run has finished.

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