Printer with print heads combined in cartridges?

  brewersfan 15:34 12 Nov 2006


Can someone recommend an inkjet that has individual colour cartridges which also have the print heads combined in the cartridges rather than in the printer itself (if such a beast exists)?

Budget is up to £100.

Thanks in advance.

  Koochy 15:39 12 Nov 2006

Can i just ask why you require the print head to be combined in the cartridge as to me this would make the carts very expensive.
I can recommend click here
This is in my opinion is a fantastic printer and even does CD/DVDs as well


  brewersfan 15:51 12 Nov 2006

We've had a couple of printers go down on us with printer head problems and don't fancy the idea of a third, hence the idea of disposable heads, nothing else.

Thanks for the link - I'd seen the 4300 somewhere but didn't realise it had disposable heads.

  Koochy 15:57 12 Nov 2006

Sorry about the confusion but it hasn't got disposable heads it is just a printer i recommended as i have the older version (IP4200) and have been using this for about a year now and have not had any problems at all. May i just ask if you have been using non original carts as this can be a problem with print head problems. Some of the non original carts are fine but some printers especially Canons just don't like them.


  brewersfan 16:03 12 Nov 2006

They were Epsons and yes, we did use non Epson cartridges but only once - which was when they both said enough is enough!

Maybe we'll look at HP and use HP cartridges and forget the disposable heads!

Thanks for your help,


  palinka 16:34 12 Nov 2006

or try Canon. I would not tpouch an epson after experience helping a friend who had one - they are very expensive to run (ie for ink). But you'll find peopel in this Forum who will defend them.
Print heads/cartridge combination would be VERY expensive; I think you need to go for a printer that is not an Epson. And while you're at it, check that it allows each colour to be replaced independently (eg. if you happen to use a lot of one colour you can then replace just that cart). Also check that you can set it so that black is printed just from the black cart - some printers mix the colours to produce black, which is also an expensive way of doing it. It's a significant factor if you do a lot of black printing (eg letters)

  wjrt 16:36 12 Nov 2006
  Strawballs 16:57 12 Nov 2006

My HP has the print heads in the carts but it only has 2 carts but I think they do make the sort of thing that you are looking for but I don't know the price

  freaky 18:06 12 Nov 2006

I have always used HP printers because the print heads are in the cartridge, saves a lot of hassle and no problem with blockages etc.

  brewersfan 22:21 12 Nov 2006

Thanks for all your input - it's given us food for thought. I think we'll go for a Canon or HP and forget about disposable heads.

Marked as resolved.

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