Printer paper pick up rollers

  Dumble452 14:28 16 Jun 2004

What is the best way to clean them? I have a HP Deskjet 690c which is somewhat temperamental. HP suggest clesning with a damp cloth, but it doesn't seem to make much difference.

  stlucia 14:44 16 Jun 2004

I'd be tempted to try alcohol -- the clear stuff, not meths. It's what I used to use on the pinch roller of my reel to reel tape deck.

  Shas 14:51 16 Jun 2004

In the days of the old typewriter platens we (and the mechanics) used to use meths on a soft cloth. Improved the grip on the paper. My HP LaserJet 3100 book says to use isopropyl alcohol (whatever that is) on the exposed areas of the grey pick up rollers, (but not on the long black sponge roller, if your model has one!).

  €dstowe 15:36 16 Jun 2004

Vodka is reasonably clean alcohol. You could use this as it's very easily available.


  Jackcoms 15:51 16 Jun 2004

But don't use any fizzy continental lagers - their alcohol content is virtually non-existent.

  Dumble452 16:42 16 Jun 2004

Excellent. I'll keep off the cider.

  Dumble452 08:48 23 Jun 2004

Vodka did the trick. The printer is now working perfectly, thanks.

  Agent Smith 09:01 23 Jun 2004

I know that your thread is now closed but as an ex copier engineer I would resurface the roller by lightly abraiding it with fine emery paper and the clean with ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL. It is available in brand form or neat from good chemists. It's also great for cleaning monitor screens, scanner glasses and when used in conjuntion with a soft cloth cleans DVD and CD surfaces.

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