printer paper - is it too thick?

  staples printer cartridge 17:01 11 Mar 2006

I am doing some printing for my 6 year old son so this is not critical but it is annoying me. I have some Tesco lightweight premium photo paper (180gsm) and every time I try to print with it the left hand side of the image is missing. It is as though it started printing before I put the paper in. I am using windows XP printing wizard and it should fill the whole page, instead I get a big margin on the right hand side and a cropped image on the left. Using normal paper there are no problems at all. Any ideas?

  pj123 17:12 11 Mar 2006

And what is the printer you are using???

  staples printer cartridge 17:17 11 Mar 2006

HP deskjet 3420

  pj123 17:40 11 Mar 2006

For an HP printer the paper has to do a 180 degree turn, so maybe 180gsm paper is too much for it.

I have two Epson printers and have used paper up to 240gsm with no problem.

  CHAIRLEG 19:46 11 Mar 2006

I have an hp1350 and it will print on 270g/m photo paper so I don't think 180 g/m paper will be the problem.

  terryf 00:55 12 Mar 2006

I have a canon ip4200 that prints on 245 gm paper but I think this thread is deteriorating into'mine is bigger than yours'. Why don't you go to the HP website and check the specs for the printer or send an email to HP support and ask whether the printer is capable of using that thickness paper?

  skaria 10:10 12 Mar 2006

just anote, but when I used the tesco paper for my laser printer, it started to create a burnig smell, which disappeared when i used hp and other paper brands.

  Smiler 10:19 12 Mar 2006

This is ticked so how was it solved please??

  staples printer cartridge 22:40 12 Mar 2006

It isn't but didn't seem to be going anywhere.

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