Printer offline

  bothy 15:13 18 Mar 2011

Just got connected finally with new sky broadband wirlessly after years witn UK online. But now cannot get wireless printer/fax connection. HP photosmart premium printer showing as offline and I can't find a fix. Sky cannot/willnot assist. Can anyone help please??

  Jollyjohn 15:19 18 Mar 2011

Check the ip address of the printer- check printer documentation for how to do this.

in Control panel, printers, right click on your printer go to ports and check the printer is on the correct port,you may have to expand the window .

check the ip address here is the same as the printers.

  mgmcc 15:21 18 Mar 2011

Assuming that opening the printer's window and, in the Printer menu, the "Use Printer Offline" option isn't ticked, it may be that it was configured to work with your previous router in a different Subnet (IP address range) from your new Sky router.

Have you set the Printer up again to connect wirelessly with the new router?

  bothy 08:07 19 Mar 2011

Thanks to both.Offline not ticked. I have not reinstalled the printer. Didn't realise I needed to. Thought it would be recognised automatically. Will install today

  bothy 08:25 21 Mar 2011

Thanks. I installed the printer again and everything ,other than the fax, is working perfectly. On my old actiontec router the fax and phone were connected through a splitter and plugged into the router. I have tried the same with the sky router but the report says that an active phone line was not detected and that I should connect the fax directly to the phone jack. But if I do that I lose the phone connection. Do I need another piece of kit?

  mgmcc 08:58 21 Mar 2011

A "fax machine" of whatever type is normally plugged directly into the phone line and not the router. Your previous router may have had some sort of "pass through" arrangement to connect a phone/fax. When you say "But if I do that I lose the phone connection", do you mean that it prevents the phone from functioning or just that you no longer have a free socket? If the latter, you need a double adapter to provide an additional socket. click here

  bothy 09:45 21 Mar 2011

It was just that there was no longer a free socket and I did think of getting a double adapter but on the fax test report it said that "if you are using a splitter or some other device between the fax and wall jack, remove it and connect the fax directly to the wall jack". So I didn't pursue that approach but I will get one to try.

  bothy 14:48 21 Mar 2011

Just tried the double adaptor and run the fax test and received a "pass" report. The previous connector through the router was a "mod-tap line adapter" which presumably is now redundant.

Many thanks for your help.

  bothy 12:20 22 Mar 2011

All done and dusted. Tks.

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