Printer not printing !!

  geek84 14:31 27 Dec 2010

Hi Folks

I have recently bought an Epson SX415 printer and connected it to my desk top. I have a Packard Bell machine. However, when I press the print button to print a document, nothing happens!

As far as I know, I have connected up the printer in the proper way and switch it on (!).

When I pressed the control panel to go into my devices, it does state that there are 5 items in the queue to be printed - since I attempted to print the document (in Word) 5 times! However, it also states that the printer needs trouble shooting!

Any ideas how I can rectify the problem?

Thanks in advance for any advice offered.

  Ventad 15:10 27 Dec 2010

Did you load the drivers using the CD prior to connecting, if not disconnect and use the CD.a follow instructions. Also go to control panel/printers and see if your printer is there if it is right click and make it the default printer (after loading Drivers)

  Ventad 15:13 27 Dec 2010

If it is not there click add printer

  iscanut 17:09 27 Dec 2010

As ventad suggests, drivers have probably not been loaded or installed. Do as ventad says and select "add Printer"

  geek84 17:09 27 Dec 2010

Hi Folks

I have downloaded the drivers,but I don't know if I have done this correctly, since the printer still does not print.

I then downloaded the driver again (although I would have thought it would have given me a message saying that I have already downloaded.

I then got a message saying something about comnnecting to the printer ports.

Does anyone know what that is about?
Do you think I have actually dowmloaded the driver correctly?
Is there any other software that I need to download?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

  spuds 18:59 27 Dec 2010

Looking at what you say, it would perhaps seem as though you haven't installed the printer properly. Remove it from your system, and install it again,following the instructions. You might need to check for the latest updates.

Sometimes Fix Your Own Printer click here might have an answer!.

  geek84 19:06 27 Dec 2010

Hi Folks

Just a bit more info about my problem -

I am using Windows 7 and there are 4 printer icons in the control panel sub menu. The correct printer is set as the default and I downloaded the print driver from the Epson website and when it still wouldn't print, I downloaded it from the CD which was provided when I bought the printer.

Any further advice will be greatly appreciated.

  iscanut 19:49 27 Dec 2010

Go into Control Panel, Devices & Printers. As you say, 4 should be shown including yours as the default. Right click on the printer icon. What does it show under Properties ? Does anything happen when you click on Troubleshoot ? If all else fails, click on remove device and reinstall the drivers etc from the supplied Cd and connect the printer when advised to do so during the set up. Also from Control Panel, select Device Manager and under the USB section, is there an entry which shows as USB Printing Support ? Answers to these questions will help try and solve the problem.

  iscanut 19:50 27 Dec 2010

I have assumed that you are connecting via USB !

  Ventad 20:05 27 Dec 2010

click here

as iscanut are you connecting by USB if so have a look at the above click here, to see how to load drivers

  geek84 11:33 28 Dec 2010

Hi Folks

I have got the printer working now.

Thanks very much indeed for all your help.

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