Printer Network Problem

  Mike 21:10 06 Apr 2008

I have an Epson printer connected to my PC via Ltp1, which is LAN connected to my netgear router. I have a Laptop connected to the router wirelessly, both run XP. I have run the network set-up on both machines with the same network name but the Laptop cannot see the PC where as the PC can see the Laptop, when I click on the Laptop Icon I get a warning “You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator etc.
I want to print from the Laptop to the printer. The printer has a name and sharing on. Can someone tell me where I have gone wrong or not done correctly.

  Alf58 21:39 06 Apr 2008

Have you installed the printer on the laptop?

  Mike 21:47 06 Apr 2008

No. will I have to physically connect the printer to the Laptop

  Alf58 22:15 06 Apr 2008

No you wont. On your laptop go to "Start" and click on the "Printers and Faxes" button. You will then get a list of any printers and faxes installed on the laptop. On the left there is an option to "add a printer". Click on this and follow the instructions. Make sure your laptop is connected to the network to the best of your ability. It should be able to find the printer connected to your desktop even if the laptop does not appear in the network. Of course make sure the printer is switched on!!

  Mike 22:53 06 Apr 2008

This won't work. I get as far as "browse for a printer" the warning cannot find a printer etc. I try using the printer name EpsonSty this was the name given when selecting sharing, and again I get the same warning. Could it be a firewall rule in the Netgear router.

  Alf58 23:44 06 Apr 2008

When you "Browse for printer" you should get a list of network locations which in your case should be the name of your other computer plus the printer attached to it. You should also have the name of your home network in the box. In my case I have Microsoft Windows network underneath there is WORKGROUP the name of my home network and below that the names of my machines and printers. All I need to do is click on Microsoft windows network and my printer is found.I should be the same for you.What appears in the box when you browse for printers?

I doubt the firewall rule is the problem but to be honest i dont know about Netgear Routers.

  Mike 00:18 07 Apr 2008

Yes that's exactly what I get on my PC but not on the Laptop. The Laptop only goes to the point of shows the Home Network name. there is nothing listed after that. My Laptop does not seem to be connected to the Home Network. I have to go now but will log in tomorrow. Many thanks.

  Ditch999 12:56 07 Apr 2008

Try disabling the Windows firewall on both machines and rebooting both of them.

  Alf58 21:36 07 Apr 2008

Cant you click on the home nework name? That is where your printer is located

  Tewkesbury 21:49 07 Apr 2008

I had the same problems. The answer is to download a program called "Network Magic".
Believe me, it works!

  Mike 23:21 07 Apr 2008

Alf58 Yes on the PC but not on the Laptop. The laptop cannot see the PC.

Ditch999 Windows firewall is off but Panda is on in place, should I switch off both, is there a danger here, not with the Internet off?

Twkesbury does the 7 day trial work or is it a demo. nice to know before I down load.

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