Printer moan

  Cam-330894 22:35 11 Sep 2007

It had to happen my laser printer Samsung Ml 1250 has finally given up the ghost. It seems the rubber pickup wheel has worn out. I can't complain about the printer but for the sake of a 25p piece of plastic I now have 12kg of scrap plaxtic and metal. I have spent hours looking for the necessary spare part. Not a chance. The econmiy of the world has gone to pot. You can buy a printer for £50 replacement toner for £60 (I always reffiled mine) but a small piece of rubber that is sure to wearout priceless.
Ah well that won't fix the printer unless someone knows where I can get that mean piece of rubber, but I feel slightly better.
Now what I need is a cheap non-networked laser printer with an easily refilled cartridge and atleast reasonable performance. Any suggestions?

  woodchip 22:57 11 Sep 2007

Have you tried to repair it? as there is nothing to lose

  Cam-330894 23:00 11 Sep 2007

Had a quick look to diagnose the problem but it seems that I cannot find anyone selling the various rubber bits. The best temp repair is to rub the roller with a cotton bud soaked in acetone (nail varnish remover).

  woodchip 23:26 11 Sep 2007

Can you make a new wheel? Or put a tyre of some sort on it

  Cam-330894 23:44 11 Sep 2007

Thats an interesting thought. I Shall buy a new printer this weekend, so that I can take the old 1250 apart. If I can fix it then I will have a spare. If I cant fix it then it's 10kg of landfill. I thought that we were suppose to be greener. I don't expect to junk my car when the tires wear out. Then again I do fancy a new car. 8-)

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