Printer Limits

  User-ACFFB88C-B2CE-41E3-82B7A73B8CF31A6B 13:05 05 Jun 2005

I have a little brother who keeps on printing loads of stuff from webpages and i would like to know if there is some software out there that would stop him from printing more than 2 pages at a time or only allowing him to print 5 pages per login or manybe even setting up a credit system that only allows him to print, until his credits run out,

Many Thanks


  wee eddie 14:17 05 Jun 2005

Make him buy his own printer and pay for the ink himself.

  jack 14:18 05 Jun 2005

Remove the cartridge!

  Buchan 35 14:22 05 Jun 2005

I truly don`t know of a programme as you describe, but I`ve managed to curtail my visiting nephew`s little game by ruling that any more than 6 pages he pays for the paper and ink. I have`nt decided on the electricity, wear and tear and phone costs yet.
I`ll certainly be interested in any programme though. Best of luck

  Pooke 14:33 05 Jun 2005

Make him give you some of his pocket money to pay for the paper and ink.

My relatives don't have a computer and they think it's great that I can make cds, (photo's etc) they don't appreciate that the blank cds need paying for. I did a few for them and then told them they'd have to pay....... They haven't asked since!

  Totally-braindead 14:49 05 Jun 2005

Disconnect the printer cable and hide it, if he wants to print something connect the cable up while you're there and once hes finished remove the cable again. Depending on the printer removing the cartridge may not be a good idea as it may not work again if you refit it.

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