Printer ink-sets

  m800afc 16:52 27 Feb 2009

I have been using a brand of compatable ink cartridges in my Epson R200 printer for a couple of years. The cartridges have not given me any problem at all. I was unable to source these cartridges recently and bought a different brand of compatibles.
Today I replaced the old "Brand X" black, with a new "Brand Y" black. The new cartridge was not recognised by the printer and no amount of resetting would persuade the printer to accept the new cartridge.
A telephone call to the supplier of "Brand Y" elicited the following response.
"You should not mix brands of ink in a printer. You will have to replace all the other "Brand X" cartridges so you have a full set of "Brand Y" cartridges in the printer, even though it means wasting the unused ink in the existing cartridges".
I have never heard of this before, and I am a little suspicious of this comment, as I did not have to do this when I was obliged to change brands previously. I would appreciate any observations on this matter.

  Graphicool1 17:20 27 Feb 2009

I've never come across any statement like his before. Like you my reaction would be to think it is some sort of scam to get you to purchase more of their cartridges. Go elsewhere.

Why don't you fill your own, I do, for both my Epson and Canon. It's the cheapest way to do it. I have a pack here, that I bought sometime ago, it contains four colours, each of 30ml and a syringe. Full instructions are included, this pack was £2.99. I was a late starter, because I was told it was messy. But if you have more than 2 brain cells to rub together you shouldn't have to much trouble getting the hang of it.

Here's a tip, for best results. You have to start filling before the cartridges run out of ink. Because they are chipped. So if you let the cartridge run out of ink you can't use it anymore.

  woodchip 17:25 27 Feb 2009

Ink can Congeal if not made the same way Chemicals may inter-react. When changing brand you should first use a Cleaning cart in each slot

  woodchip 17:27 27 Feb 2009

Saying the Above i use a Set of carts from Computer Fair in a Epson MultiFunction £5 a set with no problems

  m800afc 17:29 27 Feb 2009

I tried refilling when I owned a Canon printer, many years ago. It was messy and I did not like doing it. Back then the cartridges were very expensive and there were no compatables. With the price of a full set of compatables now down to a fiver, or less, to me it is not worth the bother. Similarly I have chosen not to use a CIS.

The cartriges that don't work, really don't, but I will try them as a set, when the old inks are nearly empty. The thing is, as you know, the cartridges are never empty all at the same time.

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