Printer ink leaked, any ideas why?

  lonemascot 17:57 06 Mar 2007

My new Brother DCP340CW printer has recently leaked cyan ink all over my girlfriends wooden unit. she threw a flid fit and went mental. im concerned as to why it leaked in the first place.

as far as i can see everything looks okay inside the individual ink slots.

does anyone know why it would do this and how to fix it?

also any good ideas of how to get ink stains out of wood?


  Bagsey 20:05 06 Mar 2007

Dont know anything about your printer but to try to get rid of the ink from the wood unit go to the Chemist and ask for Oxalic Acid crystal , ( you will probably be required to sign the poison register) disolve in small amount of water then point onto the stain. You will possibly need to do this several times but it should get rid of the stains. Fingers crossed, I have used it many times in my work. Good luck. I have had success rubbing stains with rhubarb leaves which are a source of oxalic acid, which is one reason we dont eat them.

  Bagsey 20:06 06 Mar 2007

point should read paint

  David4637 17:26 07 Mar 2007

The waste ink pads in the printer could be full of ink, and will probably require washing out, drying and then replacing. Normally you get a warning of this situation via an error code or flashing lights. Its just about a DIY job. David

  Meshuga 18:32 07 Mar 2007

I doubt it is the waste ink pads as Lonemascot referred to it as " my new Brother printer". If it`s new the waste ink pads are unlikely to be saturated so soon. More likely to be a defective cartridge, illfitting or cracked.

  lonemascot 18:28 16 Mar 2007

the printer is new to me but i don't think it ever had the cartriges changed before. its only the cyan that leaks.

its gone through another cartridge yesterday. they are third party refills.

is it possible the cleaning cycle is turbocharged or something and destroys the cartridge by pumping too much out?

does anyone know if somewhere like PC world could possibly repair it?

  jack 19:47 16 Mar 2007

Eaking ink from full waste tank is normal after long use.
If it is a newish machine and as you say it leaks on one colour persistantly- this suggests a defective printer.
If it is under warranrt them go that route - if it is out of warranty or 'second user' replace it.

  lonemascot 22:03 16 Mar 2007

the cartridge was new. it was empty a few days later. its not just a leak, it gushed out everywhere.

if im a second user and the owner before me never registered it for warranty can i still claim on the warranty?

  jack 09:02 17 Mar 2007

"If im a second user and the owner before me never registered it for warranty can i still claim on the warranty?"

Suck it and see - they cant lock you up for it

  wee eddie 09:53 17 Mar 2007

"its gone through another cartridge yesterday. they are third party refills."

Clean it all up, look at the Print head just to make sure it's not damaged and that there are no items in the Cyan socket which may be stopping it seating.

Then change your Ink supplier to a more reliable source.

  lonemascot 10:12 18 Mar 2007

all the cartriges are third party refills, wouldnt they all leak?

i presume the print head is fine as it prints perfectly when there is ink in the tank.

the cartrige tray is clear from debris and the little nozzle bits look fine and undamaged.

i think i will try another manufacturer just to be on the safe side.

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