Printer ink for epson own brand or other

  gel 11:16 27 Nov 2012

Hello Own brand printer ink is expensive For my Epson Stylus SX535WD own brand is £41.29 for pack of the 4 From the same supplier the cost is £19.79 Is there any evidence that the cheaper ink is as good as the own brand? I am aware that the printer will inform me that I am not using the correct ink, but does this matter?

  hastelloy 11:25 27 Nov 2012

Many people swear by (good) compatible inks but, I have had 2 Epson printers develop print head problems which have made them unusable. I attribute these problems (maybe incorrectly) to compatible inks. Consequently, I always use own brand inks in my Epson photo printer - I'm not so choosy in my HP everyday printer.

You will no doubt get some strong recommendations for compatible inks from satisfied users.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:38 27 Nov 2012

I am the complete opposite to marvin42 as I have had Epson printers for as long as I have had PC's and have always used compatible inks with no problems.

So it is really your choice.

  gel 17:41 27 Nov 2012

Thank you very much for your comments With my 'old epson' I always used compatible inks but I accept that they do dry out so frequently I did a head clean and it seemed to work Now I have bought a new epson, the old one was about 6 years of age and my financial advisor (guess who) says I must look after it

  Woolwell 18:10 27 Nov 2012

I use the high yield Stag cartridges in my SX535WD. They seem to have a reasonable life.

  bjh 21:33 27 Nov 2012

gel Always good to look after your financial advisor ;)

The Epson Stag do indeed last considerably longer than the Apple... but not if you only do a little printing. They'll still dry out, and can be worse for your printer head in the long run. Aside from that downside, they are better value.

  Woolwell 21:40 27 Nov 2012

bjh - I'm not heavy colour print user and have not found any drying out with the Stag cartridges. I can go quite a few days without any colour printing. I use a monochrome laser for the majority of my printing.

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