Printer Ink Drying Out

  villageidiot 18:45 17 Mar 2007

Following on from the thread about the Epson Printer. (Thanks for the laugh. Happy that it seems I'm not the only village idiot!!!)

I print about one page a week in B & W, and in colour about twice a year. (Used less than a reem of paper in last four years.)

Is any make of printer better for this type of use than any other, from the "ink drying out" point of view? My last printer stopped printing properly after about two years, so I guess this one may not print nicely for much longer.

I have enough problems keeping my computer working, without bothering about failed printers, so I would rather just buy a new one.

  jakimo 19:05 17 Mar 2007

Lasers have come down in price,have a look at Samsung

  woodchip 19:22 17 Mar 2007

all the colours should be printed at least once a month

  villageidiot 20:01 17 Mar 2007

woodchip - OK, I'll add it to my long list of jobs for the first day of every month (Between changing the bedding when I get up and having a bath before I go to bed that night!!!!! Only joking, I spend a lot of time with horses, so I have more showers than hot meals) The miser in me baulks at buying a lazer printer for the little use I would give it.

Incidentally I emptied a set of new cartridges while cleaning them trying to get them to work in my last printer. So I got the impression that cleaning uses a lot of ink. Then ink leaked onto the beige carpet. Result - new printer.

As usual in computers, the manufacturers don't tell us half the story.

  howard64 20:07 17 Mar 2007

I contacted my supplier regarding a fairly new compatible cartridge appearing to run out of ink. The reply was to stand the cartridge upright in a quarter inch of hot tap water for 5 minutes and to then dry it and put it back in to the printer. They assumed the print heads had dried out and they were correct it worked.

  woodchip 20:31 17 Mar 2007

Not with a Epson

  bretsky 15:02 18 Mar 2007

Thanx for the tip, I have an old Lexmark Z33 and I hardly use it and when I do, although the cartridges appear to be shall we say not empty, my colour print seemed well not colour, so I followed your advice and dunked the cartridge upright in a quarter inch of hot tap water for 5 minutes and then dried it off, popped it back in the printer.....presto...a nice clear crisp colour document to Orange customer services Dept.....But that's a different

Thanx again.

bretsky ;0)

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