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  NarcosisBoy 20:07 04 Aug 2010


Hi there - I have a PIXMA MP620 printer that was working fine. My wife was fiddling one day with the network key setup and changed the network key for the wifi - got it set up again but my printer has not worked since with either of the laptops.

For some reason I cannot get it to connect to the computers and when I click on Network Tools it says that I 'no port installed install a port' - I thought Port was an alcoholic drink but apparently not. Now I tried the help menu but as usual they are written for someone who has a clue and that is not me. I must say that Canon's troubleshooting guides are some of the worst I have ever seen and they are usually appaling but this takes the biscuit. If I go to printers in the windows menu it shows a printer but is not able to connect to it.
Can anyone help with this and to be honest I would need it written in crayon. Thick irishman.

Thanks for any help I can get. The wife needs something printed and is currently blaming me for breaking the wifi.

  PalaeoBill 20:29 04 Aug 2010

On one of the laptops that cannot print. If you right click on the printer in the windows menu and select 'properties', then click on the 'Ports' tab, there will be a list of ports that a printer could be attached to. One of them will have a tick in it and the name of your printer against it. This will probably be a TCP/IP port. If you click on the 'Configure Port' button you will see the IP address that has been assigned to your printer (something like - four sets of three numbers separated by dots), there is likely to be a Queue name in LPR settings as well. If any of this is different to the settings you see on the computer that can print without a problem, then change the settings on the laptop to match.

If none of your computers can print, then the best bet is to reinstall the printer software on the laptops, but you will need to delete the port that has been set up already as the installation software cannot overwrite it. It is a know problem with the Canon installer and it will fail if the port already exists. If your not comfortable with deleting TCP/IP ports from within the Printer settings dialogue then try the instructions that someone has found here, to remove the port:
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  robin_x 20:31 04 Aug 2010

My laptop connects from downstairs (wireless or ethernet cable, via a router) to upstairs PC.

Yesterday, my Mum used the laptop and was unable to print.

The PC was asleep so I woke it up and made sure the printer PIXMA MP250 here was online and printing.

Came back downstairs, but laptop insisted it was offline.

Rebooted both systems, but still the same.

Annoying because it has been fine for several months and was a doddle to install (W7 on both systems)

The printer was plainly visible on the network (devices & printers) and was set as default.

I tried to add another printer (the same one) with out deleting old one.

W7 reported that server spooler was stopped.

I had already checked that, but checked again.
(start/run services.msc)

I gave up then and restored both PCs to settings from two days previously.

This fixed the problem temporarily.

After a couple of prints it packed up again.

Since my PC was still able to print, I decided it was not "server spooler" but stopped and started laptop spooler. It seems to have worked and stayed working.

I am baffled and what happened. Though I did get a Windows Update and always wary of those.

(my restore point took that out)

Strangely my Avira AntiVirus also packed up on my upstairs PC.

Re-installed it and it is working again.

Full AV and Malwarebytes scans on both PCs (just finished) were clean.


Note for Pixmas, can also be a pain. When ink runs low, override by pressing a button on the printer. I forget which one.

A dialog box tells you which one.

Even if you refill, cannot reset levels on many Pixmas. Probably genuine cartidges will be fine.

Others complain of funny errors too.

Good luck. Sorry for long post.

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