Printer for heavyweight media

  daktari 10:52 21 Apr 2003

One of my regular uses for my digital pix is to print a variety of cards (birthday, greetings, etc). I have found suitable media to be 210g double-surface coated card - and get good results.

I use 2 printers - HP Deskjet 970 (which successfully loads the card if I feed it in by single sheets, but produces less than perfect colour balance) and an Epson Stylus Photo 890 ( which produces more realistic colours, but is very reluctant to pick up the media even when I try to coax it in one sheet at a time)

In all the reviews of printers I read, I never see a reference to the maximum weight of paper / card which the printer will accept. I know that many will feed their own brand of photo paper - but which is the best printer for a wider range of media? Any suggestions?

  Peter 11:11 21 Apr 2003


I also have an Epson Stylus Photo 890 and have used Kodak Premium M 220g/m2, 200 micron Picture Paper and Jessops 260 gsm Ink Jet Paper, both without any problems. I leave the printer head setting on the thick (+) setting for most of my work as I use 100gsm paper for letters.

I would wait for some other responses, but I think there may be a problem with your particular printer's paper handling capabilities.


  Pesala 11:22 21 Apr 2003

I couldn't see the specs for the 890 but the 900 seems quite able to handle card up to 2.5 mm, or 255gsm photo paper.

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  Megatyte 11:29 21 Apr 2003

I use an HP 930c and have no problem with 230 gsm card straight from a full feeder. The print quality is also excellant.


  daktari 12:10 21 Apr 2003

Both the Epson & HP printers when I first bought them were happy to automatically pick up & feed the heavy weight coated card - but as time has gone by (perhaps the coating on the card has resulting in the pick-up rollers developing a smooth sheen?) they no longer accept the heavy weight media. As I said before the HP will accept single sheets byt the Epson doesn't want to know!

Has anyone any experience / advice / tips on cleaning / roughing up (!) the rollers (Epson technical advice centre was unhelpful).

  Bagsey 12:42 21 Apr 2003

I have an Epson Stylus 880 and a HP 3822 and both handle your weight of media without much hassle. My old printer went a bit as you describe for yours and contrary to everything that you read and are advised not to do I cleaned the pickup rollers with Methylated Spirit on lint free rag, which worked well. I nutralised the meths with damp cloth (water). On one occasion I even used 1000 grade wet and dry emery, all with no ill effects.
I know people are afraid to do this after dire warnings about warranties, but the thought of a minmum charge at the repaires of about £50 I thought that it was worth the risk when you can buy a printer for less than the cost of the ink cartridges. Anyway the decision is now in your court. Good Luck.

  daktari 12:46 21 Apr 2003

Thanks Bagsey - I'll give it a go!

  -pops- 12:58 21 Apr 2003

I've done exactly the same things as Bagsey with complete success. I've also tried "roughing up" the roller surface with the eraser on the top of a pencil. They all work.

Be careful not to use any solvent other than meths (alcohol) on the rollers. I heard of someone using dry cleaning solvent on them. The rollers went permanently sticky and left sticky marks on all paper that went through.


  BrianW 14:17 21 Apr 2003

HP used to provide a roller cleaning paper kit. The paper was similar to a fine grade sandpaper and you simply ran it through a few times to remove the surface glaze on the rollers. Don't know if they still sell this product. Regarding the colour accuracy - I find that I need to adjust the colour balance/intensity for different weight and texture papers. Its worth trying a few test runs and then saving the settings when you have finished printing the image. In this way I have been able to print up to 280gsm card on my HP720, (I'm still experimenting with my current psc2115 but can certainly use 210gsm without problem).

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