Printer head cleaning

  VNAM75 16:49 12 Jul 2010

My printer, a hp 930c, is not printing text properly. After every few lines there is a line of smudged text. The cartridge is still half full and I've tried printing a few pages and taking out the cartridge and placing it back in again.

I've not used it for a few months but it was printing fine before. Could it be the print head or the cartridge?

  Woolwell 17:01 12 Jul 2010

See click here.

But not having used it for a few months I would strongly suspect the cartridge.

  VNAM75 17:15 12 Jul 2010

Thanks, I think I will buy a new cartridge.

  MuDelta 17:27 12 Jul 2010

I had a similar problem. Eventually, after various failed cleaning attempts, I bought a new cartridge (it might have been better to have spent 20% more and got a new printer!) and all was well. Now, if I haven't used the printer for a week or two, I print a test pattern and this seems to be keeping the nozzles clear.

  jack 17:31 12 Jul 2010

Take old cartridge and stand it on a tissue dampened with a water alcohol mix[vodka- scotch?] in a dish - leave overnight.
Then try.
The tiny jets - [typically 64 per colour] will block with dried up ink - the soak will free it.
The best way is to store the cart in a zip lock bag with a damp tissue inside and placed in a cool place[fridge]

As a sie issue failed individual heads will occur after long use because each jet has a heater that on command vapourizes a drop of ink to 'spit out' the next drop to the paper below.

  VNAM75 22:06 12 Jul 2010

I will try those suggestions, thanks.

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