Printer Epson PhotoR240

  1st spring 20:26 02 Nov 2010

I am trying to connect this printer to my Windows 7 laptop. It is telling me it's in compatibly and to look on the web. I have clicked on this but still do not know what to do. I have put the disk in but the PC doesn't recognise it. I thought I was to put the disk in first before connecting to the PC. The way I read it is. The installation will not recognise the driver if connected to the printer Next it is telling me to try connecting the USB. What should I do please?

  MAT ALAN 20:49 02 Nov 2010

click here

might help...

  MAT ALAN 20:52 02 Nov 2010

or not, just tested link keeps redircting

click here

try this one, go to where it says inbox and click on link there...

  MAT ALAN 20:53 02 Nov 2010

Not sure whats going on, i have no idea why these links are being redirected...

  woodchip 20:54 02 Nov 2010

Do not try loading old Driver CD. Restart PC without Printer Plugged in, then plug the printer in and turn it on, see if windows will load the driver for it. If not go to Start\settings\ Printer Folder and click on Add Printer and plug it in with it switched on

  MAT ALAN 20:55 02 Nov 2010

woodchip, do us a favour mate and try the links for me.
sorry spring board, don't mean to mess you about...

  1st spring 21:15 02 Nov 2010

I haven't done anything at the moment. I didn't realize I had any emails as my Desktop PC didn't make a noise to let me know I had email. Should I go ahead and do what woodchip says?

Still not sure what to do under Woodchip notes. Should I close down my Laptop? Take the disk out then log back in? Do you think my laptop has down loaded a little so far?

I'm not very good at this sort of thing I just went to uninstall now it is, Installing Epson Easy print modual. It got so far to start with then stopped at step 2. I was expecting to uninstall. Now it has installed what I have just said, It is now installing. confused .com

  woodchip 22:10 02 Nov 2010

Yes both links took me to Epson driver page

  woodchip 22:12 02 Nov 2010

As I said above Windows should have the drivers in its Printer library, as its a old printer. So try what I said above

  woodchip 22:14 02 Nov 2010

Yes take the Printer CD out as this as old Software and Printer Drivers on it, no good for Win7. Then after it restarts just plug printer in and Hardware Wizard should say found new hardware, it will then check its data base for drivers for it.

  1st spring 23:27 02 Nov 2010

Woodchip Before I do what you say. I have managed to go and print a picture using this old disk. But when I click on properties it comes up with Paper size, Number of sheets, copies, orientation. Is this because it is an old disk and working on windows 7?

If you tell me to do as above, should I uninstall this printer software first as it is the old disk?

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