Printer Driver Problem - Please Help!

  TargaZ 17:47 13 Nov 2007

I recently purchased a new Lexmark x500n printer for a snall business network. When trying to print to the new printer from my primary business application I receive an error message "Omni.exe" (the application executable) has encountered a problem and must close. And the application terminates. I get this with varying frequency from all PC's on the network. When I delete the printer and set it back to our old HP laser, the problem goes away. I have downloaded the most up to date drivers from Lexmark, but still the same problem. The application vendor says the printer drivers are writing over a space in memory that the application is using and they can't do anything about it. Any suggestions? Please help, as I'm not sure what to do with a $550 printer that we can't use from our primary application. For reference the printer will print fine from notepad and word.

Thanks, Michele

  Zion_Lion 20:52 13 Nov 2007

Hi Targaz... have you ever had any IBM printers installed on your network, as that Omni.exe I think is a all in on printer driver from IBM that cover a wide range of printers form other manufacturers, which means it could have come bundled with any printer.
Have removed the HP printer from the system including drivers and then installed the Lexmark?
Do you get this problem or any other problem printing form another application?


  PalaeoBill 21:29 13 Nov 2007

The x500n is a host-based printer. Rather having a processor in the printer itself, it utilizes the processing power of your PC and gets your PC to format the data before sending it to the printer. The lexmark printer driver is the software that does this 'pre-processing' and it is clearly causing a conflict with your primary business application.
You may have to give up and replace the printer with one that has a processor and allows data to be sent to it in a printer definition language like PCL5e/PCL6 or post script.
Lexmark may come up trumps for you but I doubt it.
What is your primary business application? Does it use DOS based components? If so, it may be worth checking the printer driver properties to ensure that print spooling is enabled for both Windows and DOS.

  TargaZ 17:25 15 Nov 2007

Both of the two suggestions from Lexmark failed to correct the problem. It seems that I will have to give up and go to a PCL/6 supported printer in order take the memory requirements off the PC. The application vendor "Clientrax" - a Veterinary Practice Management software, can only tell me - "well, the application seems to work with HP printers". Obviously they are of little help.

But, I did want to say thanks for the description of Host Based versus a PCL supported printer.

Thanks! Michele

  PalaeoBill 22:27 17 Nov 2007

If you ask Clientrax what their application is written in, (Access, VB, Java, ....) and how it is constructed, it may be possible to identify the memory address in question and reserve it to stop the error occuring. Presumably there is a database component and some run time library along with their application.

This realy is something they should do for you. If they expect to continue selling this software, they are going to come across clients using host-based printers. But never mind. If you can let me know what they say it is quite likely that you will be able to install some freebie software to identify the conflict.

  woodchip 22:50 17 Nov 2007

Me I would take the Printer back and tell them it's no good for purpose

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