Printer driver

  sconedd 16:23 20 Feb 2012

Can anyone please help. I have a Canon Pixma ix6550 printer, and my OS is Windows7 32 bit. My problems I have had the canon driver loaded which is telling me on the test page that everything is fine and the driver is working properly. However when I come to print a page I get nothing at all. Can somebody gice me a siete that is free and trustworhty, I have looked through a lot of the sites and they want to charge. As ever your knowledge and answers are most welcome. Sconedd.

  chub_tor 16:29 20 Feb 2012

Are you saying that you have actually printed out the test page and that it prints out correctly but that pages from Word documents or the Web for example do not print? Just want to clear that up before offering any advice.

  Ian in Northampton 20:00 20 Feb 2012

What chub_tor said... When this happens to my wife, it's usually because I've been messing with the printers, and have forgotten to set the correct default printer for her machine. Is the Canon set as your default printer?

  finerty 20:11 20 Feb 2012

what are you trying to print, sometimes in word if you look on one of the headings at the top and go to print there may be a box you have to click to select printer model.

  sconedd 21:57 22 Feb 2012

I want to thank the people that sent me suggestions as to what was going wrong with my printer not printing from Word. I finally had to admit defeat and get a friend of mine to have a look. He found the problem after quite a while. Apparently it was the word software had problems. I would never have found it, but he sorted it by deleting the program, and went and purchased a updated version, so everything is fine. Thank you all once again, sconedd.

  markd71 00:29 23 Feb 2012

So close the thread !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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