Printer, doc delete after print problem

  djsew 21:31 24 Nov 2009

Canon PIXMA iP3000 (on Win XP-Pro SP3) working fine until a couple days ago. Now it prints a document but on completion the print operation light remains flashing and following doc does not print. On viewing 'queue window' the 1st document status is at 'deleting' but does nothing. Until the process completes, #2 etc remain stuck! Occasionally it's possible to power off printer and clear #1, but other times I have to reboot PC and loose all spooled items. Driver un-installed and then re-installed but problem persists, irrespective of doc source!
Any ideas please?

  Simsy 08:39 25 Nov 2009

when you say, "irrespective of doc source", do you mean where the "doc" is located?

is it all types of "doc", i.e. "Word" documents, Spreadsheets, photos, plain txt files?

If it is just "Word" .doc files does it happen with old .doc files you may have, or just new ones? Try saving a document as a .rtf file, then opening it in "Wordpad" and see if that prints.

If it's just new ones then, clutching at straws, it might be a faulty template. Search for and delete or rename, "", (With "Word" closed). You may have to make hidden files visible. On restarting "Word" a new "" will be generated. Try a creating a new document and see if that works.

Sorry if none of this helps?



  djsew 10:02 26 Nov 2009

Thanks for your thoughts Simsy.
No, prob was not limited to Word docs but on closer review, the prints from a particular web source, on one evening, completely locked up needing PC reboot; this could be unrelated source problem. All other docs/sources over a few days could be cleared by printer pwr/sw cycling or 'Cancel' in spool window. I rekon 'print process complete' sig to PC was absent for some reason.
This morning I got the printer open, checked connetions on boards etc, reassembled and it now works fine.

  woodchip 10:06 26 Nov 2009

Just a Question When you click print is the Doc left open while its printing? followed by other print jobs? if so try saving the Doc then close word or whatever you use. then try in Windows Explorer dragging the files onto the printer icon one at a time

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