Printer disappears!

  TN 20:09 22 May 2010

About a month ago I upgraded to Windows 7 and all was well: I have two printers (Epson R300 and Epason BX300F) and yesterday the BX300F literally disappeared! I have tried re-installing it but during the set-up I get the message that the printer cannot be found - I tried to manually allocate USB3 as the port but still it can't see it.
When I take out the USB lead I get a ping on the computer and the same when I re-insert the lead! So obviously the computer knows that something is being connected and disconnected. I have changed over the 2 USB leads but still the same result. I am at a loss and wonder if the problem could be the USB Hub but have no idea what action to take I tried a repair install of Windows 7 but no use!

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