Printer colour problem with XP Pro SP2

  Bruz 11:30 02 Aug 2006

I am using a Epson Stylus Photo R220 printer, when I print out from PSP 8 and Adobe photoshop the blue is extremely dark, Brown is sometime blood red and so on.
I use to use a epson stylus 600 and with XP Po it worked fine, however when I upgraded to SP2 the results were crap. I then purchased the R220.
When I print out disk labels and print onto cd's with Acoustica CD Label Maker the colours are fine.
Has anyone got any Ideas.

  fazer 13:03 02 Aug 2006

Is photoshop, your monitor and the printer using the same colour profile?

I personally use the "RGB profile" because a) its easier to set up and b) on my computer it appears more consistent across hardware and software - including Photoshop.

  Bruz 21:43 02 Aug 2006

Thanks fazer for your help but I have never had to delve so deep into printers and profiles. The RGB profile on my PC is sRGB.
I would not know if all the hardware and software were using the same profiles. How would I find out.
Regards Bruz

  woodchip 21:51 02 Aug 2006

Yes have you downloaded latest drivers for the printer from Epson

  Bruz 22:33 02 Aug 2006

Yes woodchip I am using the latest drivers.

  Stuartli 23:09 02 Aug 2006

Windows XP Power Toys include, to quote, the "Color Control Panel Applet, a new addition that should be of interest to serious photographers.

"It is used to manage Windows colour settings to ensure consistent and accurate results from digital cameras and colour printers."


click here

  Peter 01:06 03 Aug 2006


You could try going into the printer properties and one the Main panel enter the advanced settings. You should find a Gamma control and it will probably be set to 1.8.

On the older Epson printers this setting would have been 1.5 which you can select from this control.

It is worth trying this setting to see if you get the sort of results you are used to from your 600 printer.


  Bruz 09:04 03 Aug 2006

Thanks for all of your help.
I have enough info now to play with, I think I can now sort the problem.
Should I fail I will be back.

  fazer 13:08 03 Aug 2006


In response to your question following my initial suggestion - Photoshops various colour profiles are under the "preferences" menu and I would expect that the printers should be under its "properties."

If you are using Photoshopo CS2, you should find in the Control Panel (of the PC)an add-on programme placed there by Adobe to colour-manage your software and monitor; I've never used it myself but may be worth exploring should you run out of options as described by the other respondants.

  Bruz 17:22 03 Aug 2006

Thanks fazer, woodchip, stuartli and peter for all your help. The problem is solved, I altered all the settings your suggested and PSP still printed it wrong. I then checked the paper settings and found that I was using the settings that I use with Acoustica, i.e. MATTE paper, when I changed it to Glossy paper the difference was frightening good. Thanks again all.

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