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  korkyB 11:36 20 Mar 2003

I`ve had enough of trying to unblock the printheads of my Epson photo 810 and plan to get a new printer which has the printhead built into the cartridge (at a higher cost I know).
I`m an average home user printing mainly in black but want the option of colour & the odd photo. I dont have the space for a laser and inkjet.
My previous printer was the HP720c and it served me well (and continues to serve my mother still) so I am drawn to the HP5550.
Any thoughts/opinions gratefully recieved.

  €dstow 11:46 20 Mar 2003

The blocking problem is going to occur with any printer if one or other of the ink cartridges is not used regularly. As you say, the problem with Epson is that the printhead is part of the printer not the cartrdge and the fault is more persistent/permanent.

You will get as many opinions as to the best printer as there are printers to pass opinions on. In the end, it's always what YOU think is best. If you like the HP XYZ, go for it. Personally, I would never look at an HP printer but that's no reason why you, and thousands of others, may find them perfectly satisfactory.


  MAJ 11:50 20 Mar 2003

And just to prove €dstow's point, I wouldn't use any make of printer other than HP.

  DieSse 11:56 20 Mar 2003

As MAJ, I always supply and use HP. When I have supplied Epson printers in the past, I have just seen too many blocked heads which couldn't be cleared.

  Ben Avery (Work) 12:01 20 Mar 2003

I would agree with MAJ. I have an HP 960C and it's a fantastic printer.

I would however never buy an Epson as I find the Black depth to be rather poor (looks like the HP when you try to print in black from the colour cartridge!)

Lexmark printers have good black depth and something like the Z22 which my parents have is a pretty good little printer.

I would advise looking seriously into cartridge prices before buying any printer as in the long run, buying a cheap printer with costly cartridges is going to cost a forturne to run. However, spending a little more in the onset but getting better priced cartridges in the long run will work out most cost effective.

Judging by the way you said "I dont have the space for a laser and inkjet.", I'm figuring you aren't on an exceptionally tight budget so would advise having a look at cartridge prices (some great prices online) and then selecting a manufacturer who will serve you well in the long run.

I will say that for an average user, the HP Hi Capacity cartridges last for what seems like an eternity. They aren't cheap but last so much longer than many of the rivals it more than justify's the price tag.



P.S. Maybe next time, you may get an even better response if you put this into the ConsumerWatch forum?

Hope you find one!

  Kudu 12:19 20 Mar 2003

I left my Epson Photo 895 in a warm room for nearly 3 months and when i eventually used it most of the 6 print heads were blocked.I tried to clear them a good few times & ran out of ink.I put in new cartriges & tried again but some were still blocked & ink was everywhere.

I was going to buy a new printer but as i had nothing to lose i decided to take the printer apart.Eventually i got the cartridge holder out & left it in cleaning solution for three days.Put it together again & after cleaning the heads a few times the printer worked .I now have the printer coming on every time i turn on the computer & this clears the print heads daily.

Nothing wrong with Epsons just neglect.

  €dstow 14:35 20 Mar 2003

I think you have misunderstood what I said. My point was that just because I don't like HP machines, that is no reason for others not to think they are marvellous.

I prefer Epson printers which you think are rubbish - just emphasises my point again. The choice of a printer is a very personal thing and, again as I said above, there will be as many opinions as to which is the best printer as there are printers.

If you have had good service and results from HP printers in the past, korkyB, by all means get another one of the same brand. As you've had disappointment with Epson, it is most likely that any other Epson you have will be disappointing as well. Whether that is fact or not doesn't matter, it is the way you feel about the different brands.


  Ben Avery (Work) 10:12 24 Mar 2003

Sorry buddy, I wasn't meaning to come across funny! I realise what you meant, just didn't have a very good way of expressing it. I know people who swear by epsons as you say, that is a personal choice. I could just as easily find fault with HP printers but for me, they're the lesser of 2 evils! :o)

I agree with you though, it all comes down to personnal choice, which it would apprear that korkyb has now made!

Sorry if I sounded like I was being bitchy! I'm not like that honest!



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