Print troubles with DOS program

  Audi64 22:48 01 Feb 2004

I have an older DOS accounting program that I use on a IMB 486 circa 1993. I recently had a friend copy all my data to my newer computer running Win 98 to act as a backup as there were some minor hardware problems with my older unit an was advised it could quit on me. I can enter data and all function seem OK on the newer unit except I cannot print any of the reports.
When I click print on a report I used to get the message "connecting to Lexmark 3200.....printer is out of paper" The only problem was that The lexmark 3200 was long gone and replaced with a Lexmark Z25. I went into printers and deleted the 3200 driver, leaving the faxware driver and the default Lexmark Z25. Now when I tell the program to print, the progress bar opens and starts then freezes.... I have to control ault,, delete to get out. Is there some way to tell my DOS program to use the default printer?? I have tried removing and reinstalling the program with no luck. Thanks for any suggestions

  DieSse 23:11 01 Feb 2004

The problem with DOS programs, is that DOS does not have printer drivers. So every program had to provide it's own. I doubt that your program ever had anything approaching a driver for your current printer - hence the problem.

Try setting it up to use a "Generic" printer - most DOS programs had such an option.

  Audi64 01:58 02 Feb 2004

Thanks for reply. I looked in my accounting program and there doesn't appear to be a place to set for generic printer, or any printer for that matter :-(

  DieSse 02:28 02 Feb 2004

Name of program please?

  Audi64 12:47 02 Feb 2004

It is called "Farmgate" an accounting program developed for agriculture early 1990's by a company in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. It has since been bought out by Settler and does not support this old version. We were invited to upgrade to "Settler Gold for windows" when ownership changed, however as we had all previous years on the origional program we continued on with it.

The only place printers are mentioned is under "defaults" where you can enter "printer setup string" here it says "if you want your printer to make use of a special font or some other option, you can fill in the Printer Setup string according to your printer handbook".

  Sheila-214876 13:13 02 Feb 2004

If the Z25 is a parallel printer you could try opening an MS DOS Prompt and type in "copy (filename) lpt1" and press enter. Filename = the exact location and name of file you want to print. If that doesn't work try "copy (filename) prn" If that fails as well, then I think you are stuck. Some printers used to be able to emulate basic printing but I don't think that is the case anymore. Perhaps Lexmark could advise you?

  Gemma 14:25 02 Feb 2004

Look at click here

  Sheila-214876 16:25 02 Feb 2004

Gemma. That's a good link and should prove fruitful.

  Audi64 17:27 02 Feb 2004

Thanks very much! I will try out all these options and get back to you with results.

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