Print through wireless network, or not seemingly

  Picklefactory 18:34 06 May 2009

Evening folks
I have my desktop, running XP Pro, wired via ethernet to Netgear wireless router and a laptop, running Vista Home Premium, sharing the wireless network. I have Epson printer wired via USB to the desktop and did have a happy little network until recently when I decided to sack Vista from my desktop and revert back to XP.
Most of the network is OK, in that laptop has no issue with internet access or access to file sharing on the network, BUT I cannot get the printer working properly from the laptop. Whenever I try to print any form of document from the laptop all that happens is it crashes the document software, be it Word, Notepad or whatever.
Now here's the even more confusing thing, if I go into the printer properties via Control Panel on the laptop, I can print a test page from the properties window, so there is obviously a connection somewhere. It is quite slow though (Takes approx 2 minutes to process), but I cannot get any other thing to print. I have checked default printer is set to the Epson on the network (There is only one printer, but it is specified as Epson DX8450 on Home Network). Is it a Vista/XP compatibility thing?
Any thoughts?

  Picklefactory 18:36 06 May 2009

Should also add I have set the printer as shared.

  woodchip 18:37 06 May 2009

rerun network wizard with all hardware turned on create disc and use disc in other pc load printer software on both computers

  Marko797 18:42 06 May 2009

pursuing woodchip's route, I try and uninstall, then reinstall the printer on the laptop. U wud need to plug the printer onto the laptop direct at the usb port I think, in order for it to sense the printer. It might be a driver issue given that u have reverted to xp from vista. Chance that the drivers might be different, hence ur slow print problem?

  Picklefactory 18:44 06 May 2009

I can only run 'Wireless Network Setup Wizard', it won't let me run 'Network Setup Wizard' as all I get is an error, Cannot complete the network setup wizard, the wizard cannot find your network hardware.
Could something be switched off somewhere, I've checked Device Manager and I have no warning triangles.

  Picklefactory 18:45 06 May 2009

Thanks, I'll try that now

  Picklefactory 19:08 06 May 2009

Nope, didn't work. Printed no problem via USB to laptop, reconnected USB to desktop and added the network printer to laptop via control panel, went through the 'Add printer' wizard without issue and, again, printed test page OK, but if I open up the small test doc I have in notepad, it crashes after a couple of minutes attempting to print.

  Picklefactory 19:11 06 May 2009

Sorry but I'm not clear on what you meant by
'rerun network wizard with all hardware turned on create disc and use disc in other pc load printer software on both computers'
The printer is turned on when I try to run Network Setup Wizard, but the create and use disc went straight over my head I'm afraid. I have the drivers loaded on both computers

  Picklefactory 19:28 06 May 2009

Got it to print from Word, but it took about 5 minutes to process and at one stage was 'Not responding', I've only typed a short line for test purposes, so it's a tiny file. Just tried again and the same again, it has printed, but took forever to connect to printer and process.

  Picklefactory 19:29 06 May 2009

I will now go and ruminate over my dinner and try again later on. I'm starving.

  Marko797 19:39 06 May 2009

just back from my dinner. Sounds as if there's a 'blockage' in the pipe so to speak, which is slowing down normal network printing. Does it print ok from the desktop?

If it's ok, then maybe progress to woodchip's solution. I think he meant set up wireless network from the desktop machine, transfer info to pen drive, then plug into laptop. See how u get on there.

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