Print spooler service is not running?

  santa2 18:18 23 Aug 2006

Wireless network setup and running, except the shared printer icon on laptop says 'unable to connect' and in trying to open properties it says 'the print spooler service is not running'. Using XP pro on tower and XP Home on laptop. Tried resetting the print spooler in system folders but to no avail.
Can anyone help?

  al224 18:30 23 Aug 2006

if the printer is shared like you said try turning computer laptop and printer off at plug (make sur eyou shut windows down safely) leave for a minute then turn everything back on. boot computer and see if problem still occours.

if it does reply back

  santa2 18:38 23 Aug 2006


thanks for the time, nothing changed, still unsure

  al224 18:47 23 Aug 2006

have you got a seperate print spooler or is it built into printer

  santa2 18:55 23 Aug 2006

unsure, though i have just the Windows drivers installed for printer and not from cd, could this be a problem, i think the print spooler is built in

  al224 18:56 23 Aug 2006

whats the printer manufacturer?

if you tell me it i'll do a google and see if i can find the official driver.

  santa2 18:58 23 Aug 2006

ok its HP LaserJet1100A

  al224 18:59 23 Aug 2006

will look it up

  al224 19:01 23 Aug 2006

have found a driver from hp website - just need to know what OS (operating system) your using. Is it XP?

  santa2 19:02 23 Aug 2006


  al224 19:04 23 Aug 2006

click here

here it is - download driver

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