Print Spooler problems not solved!

  darkster 18:55 11 Jan 2003
  darkster 18:55 11 Jan 2003

Hi there, back again! Followed instructions via hyperlink and edited the registry successfully, or so I thought! Printed the test page and 1 MSWord page and thought everything ok, then the same error message came up!! Back to square one! Any more ideas please? My printer shows up in control panel - printers but I tried to print web page but error; "Windows cannot connect to the printer. Print Spooler Service is not running" came up. I don't know if this is relevant but I have recently had NTL Broadband installed and the problem has only arisen since then!

  VoG™ 19:01 11 Jan 2003

For those trying to help this is the previous thread click here

  Elrond 19:01 11 Jan 2003

I haven't seen your original post. If you open up your printers properties is the printer actually set to Spool print jobs. From the message you're getting it doesn't sound like it is.

  darkster 19:39 11 Jan 2003

Printer is set to spool print jobs. I have managed to print out a couple of test pages, MSWord pages and Wordpad pages but intermittent Print spooler error messages persist!

  closhty 19:54 11 Jan 2003

quickist fix normally or in my experience deleate printer and re-install

  eccomputers 18:38 16 Jan 2003

Is the printer shared on a network?

  darkster 19:20 16 Jan 2003

I only have one pc, maybe broadband software installation settings have affected this somehow as probs only occurred after that? How can I find out if the settings are incorrect? (please)

  powerless 19:23 16 Jan 2003

Are there two printers shown in "printers and faxes" Delete them all and reinstall.

  powerless 19:29 16 Jan 2003

This happend to me the other day with my Lexmark i acciddently copied my printer in "printer and faxes" and word etc said there was no printer installed.

Went to reinstall and up poped the message you were recieving...

Anyway deleting the two copies and reinstalling fixed it.

  darkster 19:32 16 Jan 2003

Tried that previously, but the problem persists. I've found a way round it; right-click my computer, manage, services and applications, services, print spooler-start the service. This works short-term but problem still comes back eventually.

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