Print spooler problem

  HauxtonPhil 15:53 04 Apr 2005

XP machine

I want to add a printer (there is no printer connected at the moment as teh machine is home from uni).
When I click on Add printer I get the error - Print Spooler not running.
Went to this forum for help and found instruction to run print spooler - but when I try to start it, I get the error that there is a 'dependency' problem. The only dependencies listed are the printer at uni, (RPC call) and Fax (which doesn't exist). Can anyone help to get a different printer installed

  pj123 15:58 04 Apr 2005

What printer are you trying to install? Most printers come with their own installation CD.

Generally the printer should not be connected until the software tells you to do so.

  woodchip 15:59 04 Apr 2005

If you want to install a printer you have to have the drivers for it. Unless it's in the Windows supported list. so if you say what printer we can look for drivers if you do not have any on disc

  Andsome 16:05 04 Apr 2005

I have NEVER clicked onto 'Add printer'. I haver always used the CD as posted above, and left the printer in question OFF until instructed to switch it on.

  HauxtonPhil 16:10 04 Apr 2005

The printer is on a network - but the problem is that I cannor add a printer because the ADD PRINTER does not work because the spooler is not running and I can't run the spooler because it tells me there is a dependency problem.
The disc that goes with the printer assumes that the printer is local.

  pauldonovan 16:54 04 Apr 2005

..uni printer is listed as a dependency. I suspect that is your problem. Can you disable/remove the uni printer and then it might go fromthe dependencies and let you start the spooler?

Why do you want to add a printer if you are at home and there isn't one connected - where are you going to print to?!

  HauxtonPhil 18:49 04 Apr 2005

pauldonovan - thank you for your response. I'll try and remove the printer and fax (which doesn't exist anyway - and never has!!).
The reason that I want to add a printer is because I have a different printer at home to the one I have at uni - but at home there is a wireless network across which I want to print.

  HauxtonPhil 19:39 07 Apr 2005

The problem so far.

XP Home machine.
If I go to Printer/Faxes on control panel, nothing shows. If I click Add printer I get the message 'Operation could not be completed. The print spooler is not running'.

I go to Run> services.msc and look at the Services list. Select Print Spooler, which shows that the spooler is Stopped. I click Start and get teh message 'Could not start the Print Spooler services on Local Computer. Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start'. If I then click on the Dependencies tab it shows dependencies as LexBce Server and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and Fax. I have uninstalled all printers and the fax from Add/Remove progs and restarted but get the same errors. Help, Help - someone out there must know the fix for this. Thanks

  pauldonovan 19:43 07 Apr 2005 LexBce another service listed?

Now you've mentioned that...."Google is your friend"....

Searched for LexBce and got this:

click here

Desperately trying not to sound patronising...but as a general tip, once you have a specific file/service/error message, google often takes you straight to the answer. And to take that tip one stage further...if google web search doesn't, often Google Groups search will.

  HauxtonPhil 20:38 07 Apr 2005

Thanks for that - however- LexBce is not in the start up list, so can't be removed using msconfig - any other thoughts?

  pauldonovan 21:02 07 Apr 2005

...listed as a service anywhere?

Run regedit and search your registry for lexbce and let us know where you find it....


Download Mike Lin's "startup control panel" tool and click through the various tabs on there to make sure it isn't somewhere.

Failing that, somehow your spoolers got a dependency on something that doesn't even exist any more!

How's about this..... (searching google for "lexbce spooler dependency") gives:

click here;en-us;319127

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