Print server password - urgent help needed please 08:46 23 Jun 2007

Hi there,
I have an I0Print+fast printer server.

I have used the web configuratgion to chasnge the password. But with out reaslising it, accedently mistyped the password both times!! ::(:(:(:

Now i can't get back into modify, change, e.t.c. the print server.

Any ideas on what I can do please!??

  Technotiger 09:03 23 Jun 2007

You could download and install SIW click here then click on Secrets in left-hand column, this will show you all your Passwords. A very handy utility anyway. 09:15 23 Jun 2007

Thanks Technotiger, But it does not seam to list the pasword for the print server. :(

I'll keep the program for future though!

Any other surgestions welcomed please!

  Technotiger 09:26 23 Jun 2007

Also have a look in Licences in left-hand column, just a chance. I would also look in Installed Programs and Applications - just on the off-chance.

Failing any of those, I am afraid I cannot offer any other suggestions as I am not familiar with Print Servers never having used them - is there not a Help section ? 09:51 23 Jun 2007

hi again technotiger, Thanks again, but that does not seam to help either.

It does not have a propper manual, and the help section is not very!

thanks all the same technotiger.

  Technotiger 10:17 23 Jun 2007

Hmm, just had another thought - how about System Restore back to before you made any changes. 10:20 23 Jun 2007

mmmm...yeah, that might work. I'll give it a quick go, theres not much to loose.

  Miros 10:55 23 Jun 2007

If the password is available in the hidden form such as xxxxxxx you can reveal it with click here 11:06 23 Jun 2007

technotiger, don't seamed to help! :( thanks again for the sugestion anyway!

Miros, yeah, thanks, but I need to find out what the pasword is, unfortunatly it is not in the field as xxxx. Thanks anyway.

more sugestions please anyone!??

  Taff™ 11:14 23 Jun 2007

Is there not a factory reset button on the print server? There should be a sticker on the underside that details the default settings according to the manufacturers site. 11:18 23 Jun 2007

there is a recet button on the side of it. I have Pressed it, All the lights went off and came back on, but besides that, nothing seams to have happened.
So thanks for that, but any other ideas anyone please?

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