Print selected part of a web page on A4 paper XP?

  BillySilly 19:41 24 Nov 2007

How do you do this without losing the right hand side of the page? Is there a freeware program for this?

  MAJ 19:43 24 Nov 2007

Landscape print mode?

  VoG II 19:48 24 Nov 2007

Or reduce the left and/or right margins. In Internet Explorer, File > Page Setup...

  DieSse 20:06 24 Nov 2007

Or in the Print routine look for a "Fit to page" or in Print Preview at the "Scale" option.

  BillySilly 20:11 24 Nov 2007

Yes but how do you print just a selected part without copying into say Word

  Woolwell 20:13 24 Nov 2007

Which browser?

  BillySilly 20:28 24 Nov 2007


  csqwared 20:59 24 Nov 2007

If you select (highlight) the parts of the page you want to print, go to "Print", in the window that opens one of the options in the "Print Range" part of the window is "Selection". Choose that and just your selection is printed.


  BillySilly 22:33 24 Nov 2007

Brilliant! I had never seen that option - it is greyed out unless you have selected something!
And I now see it is in Word too!!

  BillySilly 22:35 24 Nov 2007

That works fine for a selection but what about fitting the web page onto A4 paper?

  DieSse 23:17 24 Nov 2007

"In the Print routine look for a "Fit to page" or in Print Preview at the "Scale" option."

as above

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