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  Tankie 74 15:37 07 Jul 2008

I want to print screen many details of Prague but of course the Print Screen button doesn't work. If I use the drop down menu, Print Preview only shows the top line. I am using XP, BT internet(started last week) and Epson CX 3650.

  oldbeefer2 16:16 07 Jul 2008

When you say 'print screen button doesn't work' - what do you mean? Having pressed it, are you pasting into a different document?

  DieSse 17:27 07 Jul 2008

The print screen button doesn't print the screen. It copes the screen to the clipboard. You can then paste the clipboard contents into (say) a Word document, and print that - but it's the whole screen, including the bits you may not want.

If you just want to pick some parts of the screen to print, then a program such as MWSnap enables you to draw a box around what you want to print then save it as a picture to print later.

click here

Or you can just mark what you want with the mouse, then copy that to the clipboard and paste into a document.

I do both the above frequently - which I use depends on the circumstances.

  Tankie 74 09:08 08 Jul 2008

Thanks for the replies so far. I was partly wrong in my question. I have managed to print what is on the screen in a method similar to as you describe. What I really want, really really want, is to print the whole subject not just what is on the screen, say the whole 6 pages not just the 1st page's top line.
Tankie 74

  recap 12:50 08 Jul 2008

Two ways of doing this and that is 1) File/Print and this should print everything on the web page. Firstly though I would check Print Preview to see which way it prints as you may have to change the orientation to Landscape.
Method 2) Click at the beginning of the text scroll to the end then hold the Ctrl key and click, this should then highlight all the required text/graphics. Go to file/print/selection. Again check orientation.

The second method may take a couple of tries to get it right.

  palinka 22:41 30 Jul 2008

Highlight the entire page (may have to do each one separately); right click inside the highlighted area & choose copy; open a blank page in Word or similar, right click there and choose Paste. Advantage of this method is that if you're careful you can omit the adverts and other bits that you may not want.
Or use the PrntScr method to do the copying, then open a blank word doc , right click and choose paste. But whichever method you use you won't see anything until you've done the pasting and you have to paste (into somewhere) before you can print.
I'm puzzled by your reference to "just the first page's top line." Do you mean you get just the address? (www.....)

  jack 08:40 31 Jul 2008

click here print screen

This captures the screen image

You then need an image editor to get it to a printable level.
If you do not have an image editor on board then use 'Paint'
This is a free basic editor to be found in accessories [Start/programs/accessories

  jack 08:41 31 Jul 2008
  Pineman100 16:57 08 Aug 2008

Quickshot is a handy little screen capture utility. click here

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