Print Screen - Copy & Paste

  NotSureBoutThis 05:24 24 Nov 2006


Can anyone explain in simple terms how I copy & paste this?

click here

In order to show the above example, I have copied it from another post

Thanks in advance

  ICF 08:01 24 Nov 2006

It depend were you want to paste it to but here are two methods that work when pasting into Window paint.

Right click mouse and select copy
Right click mouse and select paste

hold down Ctrl key then C key
Hold down Ctrl key then V key

  ICF 08:04 24 Nov 2006

Sorry the above is not strictly correct for window paint.

Right click mouse and select copy
Select edit then paste.

Hold down Ctrl key then C key
Select edit then paste.

  NotSureBoutThis 14:32 24 Nov 2006

Hello ICF

Thanks for the reply, If I had a particular proble, I was thinking rather than try & explain something, I could give a screen shot

Does this make sense?

  Z1100 15:05 24 Nov 2006

that you want to copy then pres <Alt> + <Print Screen> then go to your document where you want to paste the window and <right click> + <paste>

If you want the whole deaktop it is <Ctrl> + <Print Screen>


  NotSureBoutThis 15:16 24 Nov 2006

Hi Z1100
Thanks, however, I must be missing something here, I've tried what you suggested, & it does not work.

  Z1100 15:22 24 Nov 2006

is the ACTIVE window then press <Alt> + <Print Screen> at the same time.


  NotSureBoutThis 15:32 24 Nov 2006

Sorry if I'm testing your patience, I have done that, for example, I presed ALT > Prints screen @ the sametime, on this very thread, right clicked to paste & paste in not highlighted!!

  VoG II 16:58 24 Nov 2006

ALT + PrtScrn to copy the current window.

Open Paint and press CTRL + V to paste the image. File > Save.

Go to click here click Browse, locate the file, click Upload.

When it has loaded you will be shown another page giving links to the image. Highlight the one titled Direct link to image (the bottom link) and press CTRL + C to copy it. Come back here and press CTRL + V to paste it.

  VoG II 17:01 24 Nov 2006

Sorry it should be 'host it!', not 'Upload'.

  trispen911 17:34 24 Nov 2006

Depends what you want to copy. If you just want to copy, f'rinstance, a piece of text, just highlight it and press "Ctrl" and "c" together. That copies it onto the Clipboard. Then open whatever it is you want the stuff to appear in and press "Ctrl" and "v" together and that'll paste it in. "Ctrl" and "x" would cut it out completely from where it was and "Ctrl" and "v" paste it in.

If you want to copy your entire screen, "Ctrl" and "Print Screen" does the trick & you can paste it in somewhere with "Ctrl" and "v" again.

If you want to copy the active window (like presently the "Forums - Print Screen - Copy & Paste - PC Advisor" window is currently my active window) then "Alt" and "Print Screen" does it, and you can paste it in somewhere with "Ctrl" and "v" again.

Hope that helps and that I've not confused the situation - these keyboard shortcuts are quicker than hunting & clicking with the mouse. Try experimenting, copy something off here & paste it into a Word doc to see how it goes. I always say there's usually no wrong way or right way to do most things on a PC, find a way that works for you and go for it!


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