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  Boy Zone 19:09 10 Jan 2003
  Boy Zone 19:09 10 Jan 2003


There are times when I need to print the contents of my screen,i.e. do a screen dump of my directory structure and print this out in word.
I used to do this by pressing screen print key, go into word and use paste special. For some unknown reason this does no longer work. When I go into word and try to use paste special nothing happens.
Any ideas how/what to do.


  caast ©™ 19:25 10 Jan 2003

Just use the paste button in word and you should get the screen dump from the print screen option.

try ctrl_P if not getting print screen option/paste into word. ctrl_P will/should bring up your print options dialog box and allow you to print.

  VoG™ 19:29 10 Jan 2003

Are you sure that the Print Screen button is actually copying anything? You can use the Clipboard Viewer to check.

In Windows XP it is found at Start, All Programs, Accessories/System Tools/Clipboard Viewer

  March Hare 19:35 10 Jan 2003

To get a screenshot, after pressing Print screen, open Paint, and paste the image in. Then file it into My Pictures (as a jpeg if you prefer a small file suitable for emailing.) You can then print it.

  The PC Doctor 20:01 10 Jan 2003

If you want to copy a directory or file listing into Word - you could try the program I wrote to just this.

click here

Go to the programs page and download DIRECTORY READER program.

The original idea was to copy the music CD files onto a label creator program, but it will work with any folder / contents.

  platty100 20:12 10 Jan 2003

freeware one here that prints screen
click here

  mackaycc 01:34 11 Jan 2003

If, while taking a screen dump, you do not want the whole screen but just the active window, hold ALT while pressing the Print Screen button.

  Boy Zone 19:21 11 Jan 2003

Thanks all for you inputs, have downloaded Gadwin Print Screen, still trying to work this one out. I can't believe that all I want to do is print my directory.
It used to be such a simple task, of hitting print screen key, go into word and paste special....What has happened to this print key function????

  mackaycc 21:10 11 Jan 2003

If you go into "control panel" and then "System", "Device Manager" and go down to your keyboard. Click the plus sign next to your keyboard and then select your keyboard when it is shown and press delete. Confirm to delete your keyboard then restart your computer. Windows should now pick up on your keyboard and re-install it for you. Hopefully this should reinstate your "Print Screen" button.

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