Print Screen Button not copying to Clipboard.

  Dorsai 20:00 09 Nov 2007

HI all.

I have just built a new PC for myself. It's all working 100% fine, apart form one irritating problem.

When I press "PrtScr" nothing is copied to the clipboard.

I know the key works, as this KB is linked to 2 PC's via a KVM switch, and on this PC pressing PrtScr copies the screen to the clipboard, and the resulting screen copy can be pasted in programs like MS Paint.

On the new PC it's like the key is "turned off".

Any one have an idea as to what's set-up wrong?

  Technotiger 20:02 09 Nov 2007

You need to disable F Lock on some keyboards for PrtScn to work.

  [email protected] 20:03 09 Nov 2007

do the keys work
alt+PrintScreen the Ctrl+V to get a copy of a single window.
Ctrlt+PrintScreen the Ctrl+V to get a copy of the whole screen.

  brambles 20:24 09 Nov 2007

Dorsai - do you have Windows Vista? if so look for the snipping tool & you won't need the print screen button so often.


  Dorsai 21:04 09 Nov 2007

Xp Home on both PC's.

Other wise, they are both different CPU, GFX, etc.

  matofthemint 12:34 10 Nov 2007

Try FastStone Capture (it's free). Google will tell you where it is.

  matofthemint 12:44 10 Nov 2007

Sorry, it isn't free any more, but here you can get the free version. click here

  Karakorum 13:27 10 Nov 2007

NOW you tell me where the free FastStone Capture is! I just bought the thing less than 2 weeks ago.
Mind you, at the current dollar rate it was less than 10 quid and I got version 5.8 so can't complain. :-)

I must say I do like the scrollable option where you can capture a whole large page in one go rather than as separate segments.

  wee eddie 13:30 10 Nov 2007

What program are you trying to "Paste" it into?

  Karakorum 13:42 10 Nov 2007

Dorsai, As another test, does it work if you try it using the On Screen Keyboard.

Start > All Programs > Accessories > Accessibility

  woodchip 14:04 10 Nov 2007

Your keyboard is set to British English????!!!!!

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