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  andyw007 22:15 11 Mar 2005

Hi All.
Running wx pro with all the latest updates etc but my 'print screen ' button doesnt work, keyboard works fine, by the way.
Its been out of action for 12mnths or more and never really bothered about it, but had time to spare giving the computer a tweak and thought it about time I did something about it. Looked on the keyboard manager but thats about as far as my knowledge goes.

Any and all help would be greatly recieved


  Pesala 00:04 12 Mar 2005

Try using Irfan View click here instead. Its screen capture is more flexible too.

  andyw007 07:31 12 Mar 2005

Hi Pesala
Thanks for taking the time to reply. The program you suggest looks good but it does'nt quite solve my problem. Its the print screen button on my keyboard that does nothing.
I can usually click the print item on the tool bar and thats ok, but at work we do a 'screen dump' just by pressing the said print screen button and all works ok. The op system is older than mine.

Any other ideas would be greatfully recieved


  megat193 08:46 12 Mar 2005

In DOS the Print Screen button would send a screen dump directly to the printer. With Windows 98 upwards it sends the screen dump to the windows clipboard. click here
or click here

If it isn't even sending the screen dump to the windows clipboard then I do not know the answer, I am sorry to say. I have looked up the Microsoft Newsgroups and can see no solution there either. But it is a large subject so you could try yourself click here

  andyw007 17:24 12 Mar 2005

Thanks to you all for helping me. I'll give the info you sent a try over the next few day's and if I get chance I will let you know how I got on

Many thanks again

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