print preview different from printed text - again!

  notrom 11:34 12 Sep 2003

Help!!! I posted this yesterday (print preview different from actual printed text, 16.23): I am trying to print a long document as economically as possible. In print preview, text appears to end very near bottom of page. The actual printed page, however, falls short by some 2-3". No text is missing, but it seems smaller than I would expect. Before I print, I get a message "Margins of section 1 are set outside the printable area of the page. Do you want to continue?"
I want to fully fill the page, either with more text or with larger size text, but I don't want the wasted 2-3" at the bottom. I'm sure this is a simple problem, but I can't work it out! Thanks, anyone!
PS Office XP, Microsoft ME, Epson C42UX
I thought my problem was sorted (No offence/rudeness intended, Taff36, I?ve cocked up something!)

I think (I?ve been playing around with so many settings, trying to sort this out, I can?t be too sure exactly what I did when) I changed the header/footer settings and all seemed ok ? full-size 12pt, headers, all printed to 2cm short of bottom of paper. Perfect!

I then opened a new Word document, set it up as before and pasted in the first page of the document I originally wanted to print. Still perfect. Then I pasted in the whole of the document and the original problem reappeared. Have searched the Help topics but can?t find anything intelligible (to me!) that seems relevant.

To cap it all, I think I accidently clicked the ?Default...? button on Page Setup on the original document for printing, so that the screen page width is some 15% wider than it should be. Somehow, I seem to have changed the default setting back to normal (I think!) but I don?t know how to revert to normal on the documents afflicted with over-wide pages.

So, a big plea for help for someone who?s got himself into a bit of a mess. Specifics welcomed, but also if anyone can direct me to non-too technical source that explains the basics I obviously lack. Apologies for long posting!

Thanks in advance.

  LAP 19:19 12 Sep 2003

As no one has replied... Why don't you get a page set up as you want and save it. If you are going to use this same setup several times to avoid the software reverting to the default, save it say 20 times as a blank page. Then you can copy your 'over-wide pages' to one of these. Then as you use up your 'bank' of blanks replace then.

This is probably the long way round, but at least you'll go back to the top and someone else
may well have the answer.

  Djohn 19:37 12 Sep 2003

I think I understand what you are saying, [My fault if not]. If you go to file/print setup, you will see the window for setting your margins.

Defaults in word are usually.

Top/bottom 2.54

Sides 3.17

If you wish to alter these, you can, by changing them and clicking OK, this will then apply for the one print-job that you are doing, or you can click on "Default" to keep them that way until you decide to change them.

Most printers will print very close to the top of the page, but not more than 1.5 from the bottom, so you will always have this amount of margin blank. If you have set your page footer as well, then this will remain blank of any body text, as it is reserved for you to place page numbers, or any other info you wish to put there. I think I've got this correct. Regards. j.

  Simsy 21:05 12 Sep 2003

" I am trying to print a long document as economically as possible."

Try FinePrint from click here

It's brilliant. Allows you to print multiple pages on one sheet.

Free trial, unlimited time, but the bottom of each, (printed),page has a small "footer" that says "printed with fineprint". If you pay and register then this disappears.

Hope this helps,



  notrom 07:49 15 Sep 2003

Thanks all for your help and suggestions - I seem, somehow to have resolved the problem. Excuse apparent rudeness for not replying earlier - away for weekend and have not read your suggestions until now. Have not ried your suggestion, Simsy, but seems to me you'd need a magnifying glass to read multiple pages on one sheet, still, might come in useful at some time.

Thanks again


  notrom 09:03 19 Sep 2003

For anyone reading this, I realised my problems were caused by a comment inserted in the document. Rather than 'squeeze' the comment into the available margin, it seems to change the width of the displayed page set-up and, presumably, changed the printed text size. Hope this helps.

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