print monitor .problem

  wrinkly 1 23:48 03 May 2007

canon ip4200. have recently bought and fitted a set of choice compatable cartridges.
the printer keeps on refuses to print and the ink monitor sends a hessage to fit new cartridges.
how can I switch off the monitor or is the only thing to do is go back to using Canon cartridges.

  brundle 00:25 04 May 2007
  wrinkly 1 21:36 05 May 2007

Brundle..Thanks for your input unfortunately there was nothing on that link which wouldhelp.
Can anyone advise how i could disable the ink m
onitor .Hopefully allowing the printer to work.
At the moment I am realy floundering.
Wrinkly 1.

  David4637 13:28 06 May 2007

I think in the first instant you may probably have to buy a set of original carts to prove the printer still works OK. If it does work OK then you can pursue the use of compatables? David

  chub_tor 15:24 07 May 2007

This link takes you directly to the ip4200 page click here

  missingit 19:15 07 May 2007

This may help.
click here

  Totally-braindead 23:21 07 May 2007

I suggest contacting Choice Stationery explaining the problem, they are very helpful. Perhaps the cartridges are faulty in which case they will replace them.

  wrinkly 1 23:27 07 May 2007

DAvid 4637 and chub tor. many thanks to both for info and links.I hve read the links and now see a way forward. thanks again, wrinkly 1.

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