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  1st spring 14:52 21 Aug 2010

I have an Epson Stylus Photo P50 printer. I would like to know how to print a picture onto the disk. Not inside the disk but on the disk itself as if it was a label. Every time I click on picture to see which one I would like it pops onto the CD frame as a small square. I thought it would be a round shape just like the disk

  gengiscant 15:10 21 Aug 2010

Do you have a copy of this. click here;jsessionid=948D09248C3E3BB26859365D1F5ECF76.acc3-new?target=driver&languageId=1&driverId=324514&defaultOSId=3&DRV_CATEGORY_CODE=CREATIVITYSOFT

  tullie 16:02 21 Aug 2010

And does your printer print direct to disk?

  1st spring 16:16 21 Aug 2010

Printer prints direct to disk. Not sure if I need the other info as I have done it once before. Do not remember how I did it. I was working from a friends instructions but I have forgotten how it went. I bought the printer because it prints straight onto disk.

  woodchip 16:32 21 Aug 2010

You also need Printable CD's not ordinary ones

  1st spring 21:55 24 Aug 2010

I can now get my picture on the CD. Through Background then File. When the pic is on the cd I would like to move the pic around so that the pic fits the way I would like. I hold the mouse down and try to move the pic but it will not work any one know the reason why?

  ashdav 22:47 24 Aug 2010

Don't understand what you mean by "I hold the mouse down and try to move the pic"
Epson Print CD will automatically resize and centre the image for printing onto a disc.
If the image does not fit correctly (ie. not round) then you need to alter it in an image editor.
I use Paint.Net myself click here

  The Old Mod 07:50 25 Aug 2010

If the original image is square then it will always be square in the label in prind cd, to enlarge the image, left click and black boarder dots will appear you can then drag the edges of the label out to fill the circle, to move the image, left click and hold, then you can move the image around.

  1st spring 12:40 25 Aug 2010

With my software that came with the printer I have to click on Background for a picture. If I want one of my own pic which I do, I then have to click on File that is in the software, then I click on a picture and it goes onto the cd covering the cycle of the cd and keeps the space free where the hole is in the middle of the cd. This is where the problem lye's. I should be able to move the picture around the cd so that the iner cycle does not cut into part of the picture i.e the face. If I move the picture about I should get the face in and cut part of the picture out that is not important. I was told and thought if I hold the mouse down over the picture I should be able to move the pic but this for some reason isn't working.

  1st spring 00:40 30 Aug 2010

I have Epson printer. My friend has an Epson printer that also prints directly onto disk. Not the same modal. I was shown how to a just the picture so that it fits the way I would like but I have forgotten how it was done. My friend is no longer around so I cannot go and look how it is done any more. Someone else said if I let them have the disk they would look at it and try to help me but I would prefer to get help off the Forum. Any one have a Epson Printer who can tell me what to click on so that I can grab my picture and move it around the disk. Please.

  gazzaho 05:18 30 Aug 2010

Try looking for Epson Print CD software, I'm guessing it should be in the Epson folder somewhere.

I don't have an Epson so I can't tell you where exactly to look, I checked the Epson site for your printer and that's where I found the name of the program, the link for downloading the program is (click here) but it should be on your system already. Try doing a search for Epson Print CD in Windows.

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