Primary master & slave not detected

  Baz48 22:33 13 Feb 2006

I have master and slave hard drives and master and slave DVD drives. I just replaced my slave DVD drive (secondary slave) with a new model and the computer failed to detect all primary and secondary drives.

The PC will now only work with the primary drives only. Connecting the secondary IDE cable to any of my DVD devices results in a failure to boot due to all drives not being detected. I can connect the power supplies ok but not the secondary IDE cables.

Any thoughts before I resort to the hammer.


  User-312386 22:37 13 Feb 2006

Your power supply may not be powerful enough

what is the wattage?

What are your system specs?

  DieSse 22:43 13 Feb 2006

It may be you've disturbed or even damaged the secondary IDE cable - try a different one - check where it goes to the main board (take it off and refit)

  DieSse 22:44 13 Feb 2006

PS - you should have done this work with the mians turned OFF or the mains power cables removed - just switching off as normal is not enough.

  Baz48 22:45 13 Feb 2006

The fault only appears with the secondary IDE cable connected, even with the power supply cable not conected.

I have been running two DVD drives with my 300W power supply (a little small I know) without any trouble. I can't even connect one now, even with no power to it.

  Baz48 22:49 13 Feb 2006

DieSse, If the secondary cable was damaged why is it affecting the primary drives and then only when connected?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:17 13 Feb 2006

Check the jumper settings on all your drives

  Baz48 23:29 13 Feb 2006

Idiot! Idiot! My appologies. I put the IDE conector into the DVD player upside-down. I was thinking that the missing pin was space for the lug on the connector. The connector does go in very easily both ways, so the lug is not doing it's job.

I will go straight to jail without passing go.

By the way, is it important which connector, middle or end, the master drive is connected?


  DieSse 01:02 14 Feb 2006

*By the way, is it important which connector, middle or end, the master drive is connected?*

Not if you have two drives and they're jumpered Master and Slave, it doesn't matter.

If you jumper them Cable Select - then the end connector is Master and the Centre one is Slave (only 80-wire cables support Cable Select).

If only one drive, it should go on the end connector.

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