PrImary master hdd error

  Les52 15:23 15 Feb 2004

i just installed a gigabyte 71xe motherboard into a new eversham case. i have the orginal ram and processor and i have the manual.i haven't got the original hard drive to the motherboard so i am trying to just get it going and get a larger hard drive later. the problems are
primary master hdd error
pri slave atapi incompatible
run set
you can't run setup because it recognises the drive in the bios but not at format C:/s
I tried all sort of different cables and a second albeit small hardrive 1.6 gig and 2.1 gig
Any suggestions please
cheers les

  Les52 15:36 15 Feb 2004

more info partition magic recovery fails and reports error# 88 unable to find drive specified

It any boots up with an isa trident graphic card

its an amibios bios

It just booted on a pci s3 card but still the same problem.
Could it be the drives are too small?
What about cables i used the original from the motherboard , so is it the drives
cheers les

  Les52 15:50 15 Feb 2004

just changed the cdrom still the same.
it detects the drive momentarily so the drive could be ok but reverts to the error message after a few seconds
If there is no responses to this i will format a hard disk on another machine a start with a fresh harddrive
Cheers anyway

  DieSse 15:55 15 Feb 2004

Try it without the CD drive connected.

  DieSse 16:08 15 Feb 2004

Make sure the CD is connected to a different cable to the HDD - then you can't so easily get the jumpers wrong. Some older hard drives are very picky on jumper settings.

  Les52 16:15 15 Feb 2004

i have resolved the hard drive problem the bios was set to manaul rather than auto to detect drive parimeters, how pants was that.
Its formatting at the moment
and now installing windows
Thanks anyway


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