Primary Master Error.

  Raywood 20:24 01 Feb 2004

My friend has a four month old computer. About a week ago the computer reported a primary master error. The Computer now says: Primary Master: IDE Hard Disk. However the BIOS doesn't allow you to select any thing other that the floppy disk or CD/DVD-ROM drives.

Any suggestions. Has the hard disk gone? Can data still be accessed from it?

  Gongoozler 20:35 01 Feb 2004

If the computer is only 4 months old, then your friend needs to back up any important files and get the computer back to the vendor pronto. A primary master error means that either the hard drive or the motherboard is in trouble. If the data on the hard drive is accessible, it probably won't be for much longer. Recovering data from a faulty hard drive is sometimes possible with recovery software, or the expensive way using the services of a data recovery specialist.

  Raywood 20:43 01 Feb 2004

We cannot seem to access the disk. The recovery disk thing gets to the "Starting Windows..." part and just seems to loop. 'Click'; HDD light on; 'Click'; HDD light off.

  Gongoozler 20:53 01 Feb 2004

You could check that the ide cable is plugged in properly, but as the computer is only 4 months old, opening the case may invalidate the warranty.

  Raywood 22:03 01 Feb 2004

According to the Evesham website the case can be opened for upgrades, but problems arising from this void the warranty. This is my interpretation. Could you clear this up for me please. Would checking the IDE cable void the warranty.

  Raywood 07:31 02 Feb 2004


  Gongoozler 10:02 02 Feb 2004

Hi Raywood. I would suggest a phone call to Evesham, but I can't see how checking the ide cable can void the warranty if you are allowed to open the case for upgrades. The most likely cause of the problem, however is a faulty hard drive.

  TBH1 10:57 02 Feb 2004

phone Evesham - - checking cable will be OK but any doubts, phone Evesham - - you have onsite warranty with this so let them worry about it.
Maybe worth emailing them first, or even going to their site for 'help' topics.

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