Primary Hard Drive 0 not found

  sam1981 10:08 09 May 2003

I'm having some trouble with a PC which has not been booting up.

Originally it was coming up with the 'strike F1 for reboot, F2 for setup' message. If I reset the machine a few times it generally booted up in the end.

If I went into the setup, it just said Unknown Device next to the primary hard drive (it was set to auto detect).

Yesterday however, it wouldn't boot at all depeite numerous times to reboot and then to disconnect and reconnect the HDD.

I took it out and stuck it in another machine, only to be presented with the same problem.

Putting it back in the original machine now comies up with the primary hard drive 0 not found message.

Can anything be done with it? Or is the HDD knackered?

I need the data off the HD if possible.


  Rayuk 10:16 09 May 2003

Can you put it back in the other machine as slave see if you can access the data that way.

  sam1981 13:39 09 May 2003

If I add it as a slave the other machine won't boot. It can't even see it's primary HD.

If I remove the bad HD, the primary then works fine again.

  DieSse 14:09 09 May 2003

The drive has clearly failed, and if you can't even access or use it in a system, then all your data is lost - unless you use a (very epensive) data recovery service.

For one last emergency try - pput the drive in the freezer for 2-3 hrs (wrap it up well in newspaper inside a plastic bag, to help with dampness problems).

Then take it out and try t quickly - you just moght get a few minutes use out of it - you might not - but it's got to be worth a try. have everything set up ready to copy data off it on the chance it might work.

  DieSse 14:13 09 May 2003

PS - when you try it in another system - try it on the secondary IDE cable - remove the CD completely first, so that it's the only drive on the secondary.

  brittas 14:17 09 May 2003

try manual settings in the bios - I sometimes have the same probs when putting together old machines (beefing them up)- using a manual setting usually cures the problem !!!

  jbaker65 14:32 09 May 2003

I had a similar problem which turned out to be poor connection of the IDE cable. check for tight fit of cable or maybe cable itself faulty

  Cuddles 14:24 10 May 2003

You could also try switching the IDE cable from PRIMARY to SECONDARY

  sam1981 13:58 12 May 2003

Couldn't try the freezer trick as we don't have one at work, but have tried other IDE cables and combinations of ports and manually setting the bios, but it just seeems to be completely gone.

Decided to just install a new HD, reinstall and cut my losses as to the lost data.

Thanks for all your suggestions though - much appreciated.


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