Prices of DR3200 512mb Ram Pairs

  Wellpastit 12:20 05 Apr 2004

I am building a new system around a Pentium P4 3.2 800MHz on a Asus P4C800-E Deluxe Board.
I can buy single 512mb DR3200 at the reasonable price of around £50/60 each.
But when I check the web prices of matched pairs of 512mb (1gb total) then the prices spiral, especially those recommended by Asus for this board £200+/pair.
My question is do I really need factory matched pairs, or can I purchase two identical single items, and what is the result if they are not fully compatable?
As I want 1gb per channel as in my present system, the difference in price would result in living without dual channel.
Any recommendations of reasonable priced 512mb DR3200 Ram that works on this board would be appreciated.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:43 05 Apr 2004

I have 2 512 sticks and they arnt factory matched i would say as long as they are same speed and type it should run ok.Just get 2 512 sticks for the 50/60£ mark from same shop.


  keith-236785 13:28 05 Apr 2004

1024Mb Kingston HyperX PC3200 DDR Memory -Dual Channel Kit-

£180.89 inc VAT

from click here


Memory/1GB Kit 400MHz DDR DIMM CL3 non ECC (comprises 2 x 512Mb modules)

StockStatus: 84
eCode: 58185
Manufacturer No: KVR400X64C3AK2/1G

Price: £127.31 (149.59 inc vat)

from click here

don't know if using two ddr3200 512mb strips is the same as a dedicated pair (though i doubt it), if you take a chance, choose kingston memory (it has a lifetime guarantee against faults)

  alan227 13:32 05 Apr 2004

I use 1 crucial and 1 samsung 512 ddr and have had no problems.

  AbodeMilano 13:53 05 Apr 2004

I use Geil Golden Dragon and I have never had any problems. Comes in a nice velvety box as well.

  Wellpastit 15:46 05 Apr 2004

Very Interesting if you are running the latest P4 in dual channel mode, otherwise it's just the norm. If you are in dual channel I would like to know?

  Wellpastit 16:20 05 Apr 2004

Thanks for your comments.
AdobeMilano, I've seen the Geil ram but £360+ isn't much better than £400, and the £400 are recommended.
Paperman, been to Eclipse, but comment same, £360.
Remember I'm buying all units new, and gone well over budget already.
To A NICKNAME - Thanks I think I'll try two by the same manufacturer, and if they are OK, then buy my second pair.

  duckers 16:28 05 Apr 2004

Try click here, theyve got all teh RAM you could ever ask for at very good prices.
I have used TwinMos DDR 3200 for a long time now with no problems, its important to remember that you should get ram with as low a CL as possible, 2.5 is good but 2 is better..
Reallistically you should be looking at about 130 for 1b of 2x512 matched pairs.

  Rayuk 18:41 05 Apr 2004

Buy from Crucial if the two dont work together they will replace them no questions asked.about £140

  Wellpastit 11:06 07 Apr 2004

Been to crucial, very impressed.
Imput computer details, Motherboard etc.
Size of DDR ram wanted and up comes the recommended type to buy. It was delivered in 48 hours post free by "next day" delivery.

  Rayuk 17:17 07 Apr 2004

You are welcome, as I said there returns service is also one of the best around.

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