Price Gong popup

  GBL 17:26 31 Oct 2010

For some reason I keep getting a Popup called Price Gong, where has this come from and how do I get rid of it. Is ir something to do with eBay??

  GaT7 17:30 31 Oct 2010

It's a browser add-on click here by the looks of it.

Try uninstalling it click here. G

  GBL 17:38 31 Oct 2010

OK thanks for that, the problem is that it does not appear anywhere in my list of program files, so I can't see how to uninstal it. Never mind I will just keep sending it to sleep.

Take care.

  GBL 17:42 31 Oct 2010

Not sure whether I have done it, time will tell.

  GaT7 17:43 31 Oct 2010

Disable it in your browser. G

  GaT7 17:50 31 Oct 2010

click here to see how to disable it in your browser. There's also an uninstaller tool you can download at the bottom of the above link. G

  birdface 18:05 31 Oct 2010

Going with this it could be a hard one to shift.

click here

If you have trouble removing it maybe try the malware removal forum they will help remove it from your computer but as they are busy it could take a few days before they contact you.

click here

  PriceGongSupport 18:50 31 Oct 2010

PriceGong (click here) is a browser add-on (extension) that is designed to help you compare products and prices while you shop online. When you visit an eCommerce website, PriceGong detects the product you are looking for and automatically searches thousands of vendors for more deals and better price. Alternative prices and other product information will then be displayed in a slider window in the right side of the screen. Another way PriceGong can help you save money is by showing you coupons for the e-commerce site you are visiting and allowing you to use those coupons while you purchase.

If you are still interested in removing PriceGong it is quite easy.

Basically you can follow the steps listed in PriceGong site: click here

If you don’t see PriceGong listed in the "Add/Remove Programs" it means that you have it as an additional service of a browser toolbar that you installed.
If needed, you can easily disable it from that browser toolbar. You should click the PriceGong button (looks like a green price tag) on your browser toolbar.

If you have PriceGong installed as a standalone application, it can easily be removed using the "Add/Remove Programs"

Another way to remove PriceGong is to use PriceGong uninstaller that could be found here: click here

If you have more questions about PriceGong you may contact PriceGong Support from this link: click here

  PriceGongSupport 08:41 01 Nov 2010

We added a direct link for the how to remove PriceGong instructions. The new link is: <a href="click here" title="How to remove PriceGong">How to remove PriceGong</a>

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