Prevx CSI Malware scanner

  cocteau48 21:47 24 Sep 2007

Its new
Its free
It does not require installation
Its available here
click here

  birdface 09:10 25 Sep 2007

Thanks Cocteau It has only been downloaded 715 times so does not give us a lot of confidence with it.Have you used it and does it work ok . Nothing to beat a good recomendation.

  cocteau48 15:29 25 Sep 2007

Hi buteman
Just in from the daily grind so apologies for the delayed response.
I would assume the low download figure is due to the fact that it is brand new.
I have tried it and for some odd reason it thought that my ram boost proggy was "suspicous" but other than that it seem to run very smoothly.
As I said before installation is not required - it will run straight off the .exe.

  skidzy 16:10 25 Sep 2007

Just installed it cocteau48 and ran the scan,came up clean.

This was run on an old xp machine with Celeron D cpu

The scan was quick,very quick ! i have my doubts it could really scan correctly and in depth.

Though a handy program to have on a flash drive,i think the engine to this is going to need a bit of work.The scan only took about 40 seconds.

Another little app for the arsenal :-)

  cocteau48 16:23 25 Sep 2007

Hi skidzy
How inadequate do I feel now? - with my old xp machine with Celeron D CPU!!!
Joking apart my scan took 70 seconds and still insists that my TweakRam prog is suspicious (only suspicious - not bad) which - as it has been run through every other security prog on the system and comes up clean - needs further investigation in Prevx's database as to how they categorise the threat level.
As you so rightly say - another tool in the box-no more no less.

  rawprawn 16:33 25 Sep 2007

Good afternoon cocteau48, I have just installed it, updated and run it.Nothing suspicious was found, so I ran my Ad Aware Pro and it found 4 tracking cookies. I used to use the old "Real Time Prevx", which I thought was good but eventually it wouldn't run unless I paid for it. However I can't say that I am particularly impressed by this performance. Still it was worth a look.

  skidzy 16:37 25 Sep 2007

This could be intersting when i get back to the Vista machine with a quick cpu and plenty of ram...will try it.

Im currently building a test machine that will have various programs installed,some good and some not so good...will be interested if i knowingly load something containing Malware/Spyware and see if this scanner actually picks it up.

However Prevx is a good company and i would expect a decent program from them.

Will let you know in due course.

  slxplovs 12:54 26 Sep 2007

"so I ran my Ad Aware Pro and it found 4 tracking cookies"

Tracking cookies are not malware, they are simply text files with information in them. It is malware that will take advantage of the information in the cookie that is of concern.

I like the scanner, where else will you find a tool this portable and has a 'live' database without having to download signatures? It's a great addition to an administrator/technician's toolbelt.

The only issue I have had is an error message saying to contact support while it scans, but after trying again it worked fine.

  rawprawn 13:46 26 Sep 2007

I stand corrected!

I have used this scanner butwhen Ilogin to my limited account on XPPro Prevx keeps complaining that the internet connection is not available AND it is available. So I've uninstalled it.

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