Preventing diallers on broadband or dial up.

  albu 11:38 17 Aug 2004

What can be done to prevent diallers accessing pc's with DSL broadband connections?

Are dial up systems more likely to get targeted with this scam? If so, how can dial ups be prevented.

concerned net browser

  Sethhaniel 11:44 17 Aug 2004

get premium rate calls barred with your telephone company

  JayDay 11:51 17 Aug 2004

Diallers won't work with ADSL so you have nothing to fear.

  Jackcoms 12:14 17 Aug 2004

"Diallers don't work with ADSL ......"

True, but that doesn't stop them being installed.

And if you also have a dial-up modem still plugged into the telephone socket, they can then also dial out.

  2neat 12:39 17 Aug 2004

disable the modem in device manager. This will prevent anything dialing out. Sorted.

  CurlyWhirly 20:09 19 Aug 2004

Diallers won't work with ADSL so you have nothing to fear.

Another good reason to upgrade to broadband from dial-up!

  Sethhaniel 08:16 20 Aug 2004

Simple solution as soon as the telephone companies can get their act together and install Broadband in our area ;)

  Stuartli 08:51 20 Aug 2004

Apart from Sethhaniel's point why not (if you don't already have them) install Search and Destroy 1.3, Ad-aware SE and SpywareBlaster?

  €dstowe 09:23 20 Aug 2004

You can guarantee that someone (probably more than one) somewhere is working very hard to find new ways of scamming money out of broadband users.

  carper 09:43 20 Aug 2004

If you are on dialup why not install click here which will at least tell you if an attempt is being made to alter yout dialled out number

  CurlyWhirly 14:32 20 Aug 2004

I don't know whether you are aware but after 6th September BT are updating their online checkers and scrapping the distance limits on 512 kbps service as explained at click here

I would try typing your telephone number in at around this date as you stand a MUCH better chance then.
I myself will be hoping to upgrade to the 1mbps service as at present I am too far away from my local exchange.
Good luck!

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