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  puddin 13:32 21 Jul 2004

I use M/S Powerpoint 2000 to generate presentations for use in teaching. I tend to create gradually built up diagrams with labels appearing on mouse click etc.
Try as I might, I cannot find an option to move an element around the screen once it has appeared. Is there any software which can perform this (without going to the lengths of the likes of Flash animation)?

  cga 15:10 21 Jul 2004

Perhaps you can be a little clearer about what you are trying to do. I assume that you have no difficulty in moving the objects when you are editing the slide? What do you want to see happening when you give your slide presentation?

  Belatucadrus 15:15 21 Jul 2004

click here may be worth a look

  puddin 16:34 21 Jul 2004

say I have a picture of an animal cell. I also have a set of text boxes with labels down one side. As I describe the parts of the cell, I would like to move the appropriate text box label onto the relevant part of the diagram, rather than have it appear (I can do this).

  puddin 16:57 21 Jul 2004

downloaded and tried Powerbullet. Thanks - had heard of it, but tried again. While it appears to have some extra animation effects cf Powerpoint, it doesn't do the specific thing I'd like to do, namely move an existing and visible object (text box, image, etc) from one place on the screen to another.

  Pesala 20:10 21 Jul 2004

Perhaps this freeware click here will do what you want.

  Chris the Ancient 20:26 21 Jul 2004

A daft question...

Have you played with the custom animation effects in PP?

  puddin 22:37 21 Jul 2004


  puddin 23:15 21 Jul 2004

Had a look at Wink. Interesting program, which will be useful in an entirely different project, but unfortunately not for current purpose. But thanks for the tip.

  cga 08:20 22 Jul 2004

There is always a simple solution to this. Rather than using animation you can copy the slide with the text moved. I know the transition is not so nice but it will get the result you want.

To make it more obvious you could transition in a graphic arrow on the first slide that you make appear befor progessing to the next slide with the text in place. Not ideal I know but maybe something you can work with.

I will try to play with transitions to see if I can do this in a less cludgy way but this will 'sort of' work.

  puddin 09:35 22 Jul 2004

I have considered this work-around.
It would work if I did a kind of "manual morphing": Create some intermediate slides with the moving object progressively moved between start and end points. I had hoped that there was a more elegant way to do it.
It might be possible to use Visual Basic to achieve the same thing.

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