Pre order W/8 from Amazon £49.99

  birdface 07:14 03 Aug 2012

Pre order W/8 from Amazon £49.99 which seems reasonable much the same as they charged for W/7. Due for release in October

  birdface 07:34 03 Aug 2012

If ordering use the free delivery if not it costs £3.30 extra for postage & packing.

If you can wait till October for it you can wait another 3 days for free delivery.

tems: £49.99 Postage & Packing: £3.30

  rdave13 10:24 03 Aug 2012

Thanks for that. Possibly might be cheaper downloading from Microsoft? 8 download. If it will cost the same to download then I'll skip Win 8.

  KRONOS the First 10:58 03 Aug 2012

And the benefits of Windows 8 over Windows 7 to the average PC user are what exactly?

  birdface 11:02 03 Aug 2012


Yes seen that earlier and if you want the CD version it costs more.

You know what usually happens it is a lot cheaper to buy or download in the US and a lot more expensive here.

A reasonable price from Amazon if you want the boxed version.

If you do order it you can cancel it at a later date if you can find it cheaper elsewhere.

Maybe downloading it if the price is right may be the way to go.

  LastChip 11:24 03 Aug 2012

Nearly £50 for that, you must be joking!

Never in a million years would I pay that for an operating system. But then, I wouldn't use Windows either.

I see Microsoft never fail to rip off British customers. Take a look and see what it costs in the US by comparison - $39.99 maybe? There was even some talk about the upgrade edition (which is what you're referring to) being $14.99 for a limited time. Whether that will happen or not, I've no idea.

You could use Ubuntu and have a far more advanced system for free.

  iscanut 11:26 03 Aug 2012

I thought an upgrade from Win 7 to Win 8 was to cost about £25. However, if you are using Win 7 and are not bothered about touch screens, then I don't see ant compelling reason to change from Win 7 although I expect we will be told that it is more secure !

  Nontek 11:32 03 Aug 2012

Definitely Win7 for me, for the foreseeable future!

  KRONOS the First 12:09 03 Aug 2012

So no real benefit then?

  birdface 13:22 03 Aug 2012

Far quicker start.No Microsoft updates slowing it down and just had a read at this which might put me off.

When W/7 came out at first I could do a full security scan in about 7 now takes about 40 minutes.

Why do they keep trying to shove windows defender on to everyone.

I would probably say that at least 80% of users never use it and the first thing I do is to stop it running in Services.

You usually have a choice now if you want to download I/E or not.You should have the same choice with Windows Defender.

With W/7 you cannot remove it I wonder if W8 will be the same.

  Nontek 13:34 03 Aug 2012

With W/7 you cannot remove it I wonder if W8 will be the same.

I have Win7, but do not have Defender - nor do I want it!

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